Week 196

Friday 3rd December 2021 to Thursday 9th December 2021

Leaving week. Had a last visit to Burgau….

the fishermen of Burgau

and Salema…

this time next week I’ll be freezing my bollocks off in Reigate

Said goodbye to Yellito…

I do hope he’s okay while I’m gone

Saturday it was time to set off back to England

Friday afternoon P&O informed us France had changed its entry rules due to this Omicron variant. So setting off we had no idea if we’d be allowed to cross into either Spain or France.

At the Portugal Spain border the Portuguese GNR were stopping everyone entering from Spain to check their COVID status. Thankfully there wasn’t s a sole on the Spanish side of the border to check anything.

Saturday night while we were camped up in Caceres, Spain we discovered that Boris had decided we now had to have a pre-departure test to get on the ferry. This is on top of our Day 2 PCR test announced earlier in the week.

On Monday, to fit in our pre-departure Antigen test. we had an insane 10+ hour journey from Burgos in Spain to Tours in France. Set off in the dark, landed in the dark. All so we can get on the ferry to our own country!!

Tuesday; a wet day in Tours. Getting the Antigen tests should have been easy once Julie had patiently found a lab on a French website. The whole thing was massively complicated by a 5 or 6 year old French child screaming her head off in the tiny reception while we tried to give the necessary info to the non English speaking receptionist. In the end we both passed. Managed to get the Passenger Locator Form submitted too. A grind of a day.

Wednesday, Tours to Reigate. After jumping through all Boris’ Covid hoops it was genuinely a real relief to make it home 🙂

When we arrived home the government was in chaos due to Boris being caught lying, yet again, this time about a Christmas party. Later that day the buffoon announced the country was going to his Covid Plan B. Quelle surprise.

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