Week 195

Friday 26th November 2021 to Thursday 2nd December 2021

Woke up to find we are at war with France over a letter Boris wrote and a there’s a new super variant of COVID called Omicron knocking about.

At least the weather has improved

This is our last full week in Portugal so I thought I’d have a lazy week

just like Cfor

A couple of hours after we got texts to say out Day 2 Lateral Flow Tests had been delivered Boris announced we now needed to have PCR test 2 days after we arrive back. Another £48.

Whatever happened to living with the virus now we are all vaccinated? Call me a cynic but hyping up the threat from this new variant looks very much like an attempt to move the news agenda on from the embarrassment of Peppa Pig and fact that in leaving the EU far from taking back control of our borders they couldn’t be more porous as hundreds of migrants arrive on the beaches of Kent by dinghies every day.

Elizabeth has had to have an operation to put some plates in her foot!!!


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