Week 197

Friday 10th December 2021 to Thursday 16th December 2021

Passed my Day 2 PCR test 😀 To Manchester with Elizabeth to see Lily’s new house; it needs a lot of work,,,

the last owner must have been related to John Wayne

I’ve an idea I might be spending quite a bit of at Lily’s in the new year.

Lily has some kittens…

Betty And Dotty

Betty is a little adventurous

She’s only 6 months old and already she’s managed to lose her tail

Boris has been caught lying again so he has announced yet more restrictions to combat the Omicron variant which has so far killed a whole one unvaccinated septuagenarian.

M25 J12

What we need is COVID passports on the entrances to hospitals. It’s ridiculous to as good as lockdown the whole country to protect the NHS from science deniers and conspiracy theory nutjobs; they’ve all been offered the vaccine so if they get ill it’s their own fault. They should not be allowed to clog up the NHS.

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