Week 192

Friday 5th November 2021 to Thursday 11th November 2021

Julie’s sister Sally came to visit for a few days so we gave her a whirlwind tour of the western Algarve…

First stop Ponta da Piedale

and then a walk t0  Porto de Mos for Lunch

We had a trip to Sagres and the Cabo de São Vicente, the most southwestern point of Portugal…


the lighthouse at Cabo de São Vicente


We had a day trip to and lunch at the old town of Silves

The cathedral and castle at Silves

Since Brexit EU Pet Passports issued in the UK have been useless so before we set off for France we had to get a vet in the UK to sign a 16 page Health Certificate so Cfor could enter the EU. It cost an eye-watering £161. Yet another BREXIT win from Boris the clueless tosspot!!!

On Monday we took Cfor to a local vet in Lagos and for £27 he got a fresh rabies injection and a Portuguese EU Pet Passport: how much are UK vets be coining?

Now he has a Portuguese passport he has a new name is Gfor, G for Gato 🙂






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