Week 191

Friday 29th October 2021 to Thursday 4th November 2021

An overcast start to the week then it started to rain as the weather rolled in from the Atlantic…

Grey clouds over Black Rock

It was podcasts and boxsets for a few days.

Michel and Roselyne turned up.

This week was also COP26 so leaders from around the world turned up in their private jets and spoke about their concern for the environment and promised very sincerely that they would make sure their successors did something about it! As my mother would have put it, all wind and piss. But then again what exactly did anyone really expect?

The sun finally came back on Wednesday so I could get out and about along the coast 😀

No dolphins today

After flying back from COP environmental conference on a private jet Boris had enough time left this week to fit in another full blown scandal, this time cash for lucrative contracts. The shit is really piling up now and I get the feeling the tide is rightly beginning to turn against Boris. If only we had a half competent opposition.

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