Week 193

Friday 12th November 2021 to Thursday 18th November 2021

A beautiful week. We spent an afternoon at Ponta do Piedale looking for dolphins…

No luck but it a great way to waste an afternoon 😀

We took Sally to Alvor for a stroll around the town, lunch and then a walk along the coast

the beach at Alvor

On Saturday it was time for Sally to fly back to the UK…

there was a little chaos with the COVID passes

Is it really beyond the wit of this government to come up with an app that is a simple single form written in simple language which any idiot can easily fill in and at the end of filling it in you get a single QR labelled SHOW THIS AT CHECK-IN!

Gfor has a new friend. He/she keeps coming around but Gfor is having none of it.

The Boris shitshow went into interstellar overdrive this week. The whiff of corruption is so bad half his own backbenchers didn’t turn up for PMQs. If was classic Boris. He has no answers to the cronyism allegations and flounders everytime the issue is brought up. He was befuddled and that doesn’t bode well for the country. I always thought he’d hang on as he’s a cunt and has no shame but he’s unravelling faster than anyone could have predicted.

In other news I gave away the remainder of my pension lump sum this week 🙂 I feel unencumbered 😀

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