Week 122

Friday 3rd July 2020 to Thursday 9th July 2020

Spent the week slowly getting the van ready for the trip to Scotland.

There was a bit of excitement in town as they put a temporary cycle lane down the High St. Of course within hours the 4×4 lobby had blown their fruit and our tosspot of an MP Crispin Blunt had arrived on the scene to demand its immediate removal!

Cycling is a bit too vegan for the locals

Of course it didn’t take much for Surrey county council to fold and the whole thing was ripped out on the Monday. Such is British politics where those who shout loudest always get their way as our spineless politicians invariably seek short term popularity over long term benefits.

As you were.

My left ankle has been stiff for over a week and now my right knee is complaining; the weather forecast for Fort William is wet wet wet so it’s not looking good for going up Ben Nevis next week 🙁

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