Week 120

Friday 19th June 2020 to Thursday 25th June 2020

Week 13 of the lockdown and Boris has eased the 2m social distance rule (which most of the country already ignores) and it’s now down to 1m plus; whatever that means. The pubs are going to be allowed to open up and today there are so many visitors in Bournemouth they’ve had to declare a State of Emergency; bring on the 2nd wave.

It was time for my eyesight to be tested, the ophthalmologist told me I have some spots inside my left eye which might be mild exudate (blood leaking into tissue) but then again he said they may be caused by cholesterol. As a teenage I was warned that I might go blind but I never thought it’d be because of my chip consumption!

the inside of my left eye

Monday morning Julie had a very bad hacking cough so I booked her in for a Coronavirus test. I went along and took a test too.

We had to self-swab so I’m not too sure if we did it right but the next day we were both told we had tested negative

I’m told false negatives are pretty common but Julie’s cough is a lot better so it was probably just down to the number of balloons she does at the weekend 😉

While I was out and about I came across Reigate’s very own contribution to the BLM protests.

2/10 for effort

BLM specialise in pulling down statues, Reigate only has the one, the locally born prima ballerina Dame Margot Fontayn.

how long before BLM find out she regularly danced as a blackface swan in Swan Lake

Speaking of protests I had an email inviting me along to the latest Reigate & Redhill XR *action*.

At 0830 on Thursday morning they were going to sellotape a letter demanding action on climate change to the office door of local MP Crispin Blunt. Demanding!

These people don’t get even the basics of protesting; you need at least 3 drummers to let the whole town know you are there and you need some drama, an element of danger and an arrest or two just to stir up interest. A half-brick through a window gets a lot more attention than any well written letter sellotaped to a door.

It was over by 0900 so I guess Crispin just had an extra half hour in bed.

The last half of the week has been banging hot…

early morning Priory Park

It’s been far too hot to do anything after 11am so I’ve been binge watching The Shield from 2002. When I first watched it years ago I thought it and the main character Vic Mackey were ridiculous & gross exaggerations – kicking down doors and beating the shit out of everyone, mainly black people & Hispanics – but after reading recent news from America I realise The Shield may actually be a Minneapolis police training video!

Although we are booked into the Glen Nevis campsite for 9 nights next month it’s become obvious from what I’ve read on the Facebook motorhome pages that nearly everyone is intending to head to Scotland next month which doesn’t bode too well for travelling around 🙁


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