Week 99

Friday 24th January 2020 to Thursday 30th January 2020

Weatherwise it was a very British start to the week…

Once the weather got better I had a walk up to the Marco Geodésico da Atalaia, the obelisk overlooking Luz…

the Marco Geodésico da Atalaia

While I was taking a rest at the top I took a look at a blog on walking up Ben Nevis.

It turns out the ascent from the Glen Nevis visitor centre, the most popular starting point, to the top of Ben Nevis is 1352m. Now I know, because my drone told me so, that the base of the obelisk is 104m above sea level which is exactly 1/13th the ascent of Ben Nevis!

So if I walk from the beach at Luz up to the obelisk and back down 13 times that would be the equivalent as walking up Ben Nevis 😀

I reckoned if I was dressed properly and had some water I could do it 4 times fairly easily so I decided that the next dry day I had nothing to do I’d give it a go.

I don’t think Cfor will be accompanying me

I had a sore throat and hacking cough on Monday and Tuesday but I felt better on Wednesday so I set off for the Obelisk.

It was nice and overcast when I set off from the beach car park, perfect conditions.

I’d love an old Renault 4 GTL 😀

Half way up the first ascent my chest was really aching and my legs were complaining. I wondered if I’d not fully recovered from whatever had been ailing me. I half considered turning around but I told myself not to be such a wuss; giving up 50m up a pimple in Portugal would never get me to the top of Ben Nevis.

Although I’ve never used one I’d brought along one of those walking stick things because the descent can be slippy but I couldn’t see what use it was.

the view from the top

Things got easier on ascents 2 & 3 but by the 4th walk I was slowing down and I was using the stick to help myself up the steep parts.

I ploughed on and did 6 ascents in total. I was pretty knackered and I was using the stick quite a bit bit I think I could have done another 1 or 2 if I hadn’t had to get back for boules.

So now I have a good idea how fit I really am and when I do walk up Ben Nevis I’ll have some gels.

we won at Boules 😀

The next day my legs and back were fine 😀



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