Week 91

Friday 29th November 2019 to Thursday 5th December 2019

I don’t know if my back has fully recovered yet but I now feel no pain either real or referred when I walk. To test it out properly I had a yomp from Praia da Luz up to the Marco Geodésico da Atalaia.

It’s about a 102m climb up there but no ropes involved

I made it without any problems

I was going to bring my drone and do some swooping orbits of this Obelisk…

 but I crashed it yesterday and it needs to go to the Netherlands for repair.

that might be expensive 🙁

I had no reaction to my walk up to the obelisk so today I walked the rocky coastal path from Luz to Burgau.

Beautiful coastal scenery along the route

Villas around Luz with a sea view are mega expensive but I’m not too sure investing your fortune in Portugal is a very smart idea.

these villas with great sea views must have cost an absolute fortune but all of them shuttered up

My usual cafe in Burgau was closed so I tried a new place. Got a lovely toastie and a beer for €5 😀

the Bar in Burgau

At this time of year Burgau is a sleepy little village

Boats in Burgau

So quiet you might almost think you has the whole beach to yourself…

Beach Bum in Burgau!

Not paid too much attention to the election this week but I did hear about the 33% cut in rail fares from January that Jeremy is now promising.

If he does get in power we are going to need an awful lot of popcorn 😀

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