Week 90

Friday 22nd November 2019 to Thursday 28th November 2019

A wild and windy start to the week but not as wild as further along the coast in Spain, France & Italy where they’ve had terrible storms & flooding.

we had a few good days, a few blue skies

Got out and about…

the last of a sea mist clinging to Black Rock at Luz

Discovered to my horror the ice cream shack in Luz is closed all day Monday!

We made it all the way to Alvor

the beach at Alvor

I’ve gone back to my old method of chucking boules and it’s paying off, I won two games the other afternoon 😀

Julie marking her boules. The more she plays the flukier she gets!

Yellito; if he’s awake he wants feeding, if he’s asleep he’s been fed.

I’ve paid a bit of attention to the election coverage now the manifestos are out. As someone who no longer depends on a functioning UK economy to put food on the table I will absolutely piss my sides if Corbyn gets in and tries to raise an extra £83bn a year in taxes 😀

As Boris said… All Labour governments end in economic collapse but the difference with Jeremy Corbyn is he wants to start with one!

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