Week 89

Friday 15th November 2019 to Thursday 21st November 2019

The week started off cold & windy and we’ve had some rain but there were a few sunny days so we did get out and about a bit.

the beach at Burgau

I believe the weather is still bad in the UK. My youngest, Elizabeth, was complaining about having to scrape something called frost off her car windscreen; if I ever have to do that then I’ll know my retirement has gone horribly wrong.

the view from Bateria do Burgau

My back is much better now. I can walk quite well for about half a mile before I get any pain and then it’s just in my lower back so the discs can’t be antagonising the nerve roots any longer and I don’t get any refereed leg pain. I am a little way off walking into town for an ice cream but hopefully things will continue to slowly improve

Yellito, the toilet block mouser. He spends nearly all his life either sat or lay in the sun begging food or a least a stroke from anyone who passes by

One of the big bonuses about being in Portugal right now is we are largely escaping all the General Election bollocks; I can’t believe there are still 3 weeks to go! After 3½ years of Brexit how much more of these buffoons can the country take?

No sunny day is complete without a trip to Luz for an ice cream

Mind you if Jezza did get in it’d be a huge reality check for his followers. The way McDonnell plans to burn other people’s money it won’t take them more than 3 or 4 years to completely trash the economy.

cheeky bugger!

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