Week 88

Friday 8th November 2019 to Thursday 14th November 2019

There was a big change to my back between Friday & Saturday. I could actually stand up straight without any pain! We went into Luz to celebrate

there’s no finer way to celebrate than with a chocolate ice cream

But that’s about as good as it got. I can walk without pain for maybe 100 yards before the disc antagonises the nerve root then I have to sit for 5 minutes then I’m good for another 100 yards.

So I can get out and about as long as there’s places for me to sit & recover.

The weather has been a bit mixed, some sunshine and some rain but everything with a lot of wind.

Ponta de  Piedade

I got the result of my MRI scan back;

Between Ll and the sacrum, all intervertebral discs present dehydration and diffuse bulging accompanied by marginal osteophyte reaction and irregularities of the vertebral platforms associated with arthrosis interapophyseal (and neoarthrosis between multiple spinous apophyses).

On L1 -L2, these changes are insufficient to produce space conflict.

Between L2 and L5, short vertebral pedicles coexist, producing stenosis of the vertebral canal. In L4-L5, the bulging disc is more bulky and has subarticular and left foraminal predominance, asymmetrically reducing the amplitude of the conjugation hole and by contacting the foraminal left L4 root.

In L5-S1, the disc-osteophyte bulging has a subarticular predominance and right foraminal, contacting the dural emergence of the right SL root and the foramina of the root L5 on the same side and may slightly deform it.

The medullary cone has normal morphology and signal.

The Chiropractor says it’s all down to wear & tear and everything should get back to normal in a few weeks but that if it isn’t then I need to see a neurosurgeon about the  stenosis of the vertebral canal. 🙁

The week ended with a great thunder and lightning storm 😀


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