Week 87

Friday 1st November 2019 to Thursday 7th November 2019

As the place where I was having my MRI scan at was a good distance away and as the weather’s been a bit unpredictable lately we hired a car for the week. I really didn’t fancy doing 100 miles on Zippy in the rain.

Most of the week I’ve been sitting around with an ice pack strapped to my back but it’s slowly working its magic and I can walk 100 yards without any real pain now. After that it starts to nag a little and I can’t walk more than 200 yards without sitting down for 5 minutes but it is getting better; I even managed a few games of boules this week.

Our French neighbours left this week taking Es-es with them

I’m going to miss her barking at everything that passes passes their pitch, what a fearless warrior!

To stave off the boredom of sitting around I’ve been doing a lot of reading; Elton John’s autobiography ‘Me’ and Peter Crouch’s ‘How to be a footballer’. Elton John is a strange fish, being a footballer sounds great fun.

Obviously I’ve been following the election build up. It seems to me it’s been so long since we had a proper socialist government that the electorate have forgotten that socialists very quickly run out of money and that chaos quickly follows.

As for the politicians themselves I think they are almost all middle management wannabes who are completely clueless as to the reality of what life is really like for ordinary working people in the UK.

came across this little fellow near our pitch 😀


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