Week 77

Day 527– Friday 23rd August 2019

Another beautiful day. To East Surrey Hospital for a 3rd opinion on whether I have a Basal cell carcinoma on my conk. The good news is this consultant doesn’t think I have so I don’t need any treatment and we can get on and book a ferry 😀

this week’s caption competition

I booked the ferry the moment I got home, we set off Saturday 31st 😀

Day 528 – Saturday 24th August 2019

A beautiful day and we hopped on Zippy to go to Box Hill for a picnic.

Ryka’s Cafe; no it’s not a meeting of the Surrey Midlife Crisis support group, it’s a day out for a Harley Davidson Owners club. I know, same thing really.

Box Hill; at just 735ft I think the only other country in the world that would classify it as a hill is Holland

Nevertheless Box Hill is a bit of a Mecca for cyclists, I’m sure on the way up many of them imagine they are climbing L’Alpe d’Huez on the TdF

It was a boiling hot day but I enjoyed the walk and we enjoyed our lunch

Speckled Wood butterfly

Day 529 – Sunday 25th August 2019

Another cracking hot day. We took Zippy to Nutfield for lunch at Priory Farm

the Falafel Salad

Only 6 days to go till France 😀

Day 530 – Monday 26th August 2019

A beautiful morning and off to London to see the Notting Hill carnival.

I’m not a big fan of the tube, I’m always wondering whose got the bomb today

We had to walk from Kensington High Street station to Notting Hill.

I wonder how long before we some Johnson Arms pubs appearing 😉

There were lots of police out & about in force and they were stopping and searching black people.

I set off the metal detector and I asked the officer if he wanted to search me but he declined my offer; amazing what being polite & white buys you in London

cycling is very popular in London

As we’d arrived early we walked down to Chepstow Road so that we could actually see the parade this year.

waiting for the parade to start, Julie with the banana man

Once off and going there was lots of colour


dancing girls

more dancing girls

Fancy costumes and steel bands aside what the youth really wanted to do was to shake their stuff to the deafening sound systems

After a few hours under the blazing sun we were frazzled and went to look for some nosh.

The No.1 food on sale at the carnival is jerk chicken and the air is full of BBQ smoke. I settled for a Chickpea & Spinach curry which was more expensive than the jerk chicken

We had a wander over to Portobello Rd but the crowds were ridiculous

We were now completely jiggered by the heat and the sun so like the old fogies we are we headed home.

I wonder how many carnival attendees also support Extinction Rebellion?

It was a welcome relief to sit down in the air conditioned train. Could I take a pic of Julie to illustrate just how hot and sweaty we were?

that’ll be a no then

Highlight of the day… the long cool shower when I got home.

Day 531 – Tuesday 27th August 2019

Another very hot day. A early morning walk into town was all I could manage all day.

a Red Admiral warming up in the morning sun

Day 532 – Wednesday 28th August 2019

A nice cool morning so I took the opportunity to wash Nelly. The roof was thick with gunge from the pine tress it’s been parked under for 2 months so it took the best part of 5 hours to clean.


Day 533 – Thursday 29th August 2019

Another hot day. Did the hedges while it was still cool then binge watched some TV when it got hot.

I’m getting all excited at the prospect of setting off on Saturday but I’m a little concerned that Corbyn’s Trotskyist mates are planning to block roads that day just because Boris has outsmarted them; wannabe Yellow Vests. Think we’ll have an early start Saturday.

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