Week 71


Day 491 – Friday 12th July 2019

A beautiful sunny day

waking up to horses, one of the pleasures of sleeping in the New Forest

Idled away the morning before setting off for Poole to buy a ‘residence’ to fit under my awning.

The traffic was no better than yesterday.

I decided to buy the ‘residence’ from a proper dealer rather than from some Herbert over the internet because I may pay a few bob more but it’s guaranteed to fit properly and they are going to show me the best way to put it up and just as importantly how to put it away.

Rose Awnings, they know what they are doing

Thank God the traffic was flowing on the way back to Reigate.

Day 492 – Saturday 13th July 2019

Lovely day and I had a yomp Colley Hill in the morning.

Gatekeeper butterfly

on the way home I couldn’t resist a monster portion of greasy chips from the Sea Salt chippy   7/10 😀

In the afternoon Julie and I went on a tour of Reigate Caves.

The caves in Reigate are not really caves, they are old sand mines which have been used for allsorts of purposes since the mining stopped.

The sand under Reigate is very fine like a powder and was used for making high quality glass

They were air raid shelters during the war so no doubt a fair proportion of the 80 year olds born in the town will have been conceived down them 😉

our guide

Day 493 – Sunday 14th July 2019

My feet were complaining after all yesterday’s walking on Thursday’s blisters so I spent most of the day doing my family tree.

Later in the day we went to Tescos car park to I could practice putting up the residence. Day

I can’t keep calling the ‘residence’ the residence so from now on it’ll be known as Chateau Cfor as no doubt he’ll make it his own.

494 – Monday 15th July 2019

An overcast day. Elizabeth and I had a walk up to Reigate Hill.

the ceiling of the Inglis Memorial, I think this is the only sun well see today

Day 495 – Tuesday 16th July 2019

A lovely sunny day but my tooth hurts so I searched round for a dentist to take it out. Appointment made I spent the day sorting out all my paperwork and rearranging the contents of Nelly’s big locker.

Day 496 – Wednesday 17th July 2019

A lovely day.

Turns out I had a gum abscess and associated gum boils!!

the dentist agreed with me that my loose tooth had no long term future

Day 497 – Thursday 18th July 2019

An overcast start to the day. Elizabeth and I went for a walk to Colley Hill.

Reigate in July, shrouded in low cloud. 🙁

Can’t wait to get back to the Med and some reliable weather.

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