Week 70

Day 484 – Friday 5th July 2019

A lovely morning. Took Zippy to Redhill for an MOT and an oil change. Can’t believe it took them ¾ hour to change the oil on a 125 so I doubt I’ll be going back to those robbing twats Fins Motorcycles again.

After lunch I went for a walk with Julie but it was only a short walk as her back started playing up and it was also ridiculously hot & humid as well.

Later in the day I went out for a fabulous spin on Zippy into the wilds of Surrey. I ended up near Caterham on the Hill. Get some great views of the London basin around here.

Through the haze and the fading light the City of London on the left and Canary Wharf on the right

Day 485 – Saturday 6th July 2019

A beautiful day and off to Brighton!

It was the Paddle Around The Pier Festival weekend but it looked like it was all happening on Sunday.

After a nosey about a fair we headed for lunch

Bankers Chip shop

It has to be said that Bankers make the best chips in the world by a good way. 12/10 😀

We had a wander along the front

Another entry for the Very Fat Man with a Bad Tattoo Contest

The front was heaving

As it was a boiling afternoon we had a lie down on the shingle

I rounded off the day with a vegan chocolate ice cream which was surprisingly nice

Day 486 – Sunday 7th July 2019

A wet start to the day.

Elizabeth starts work at East Surrey Hospital in a couple of weeks and she needs some work clothes so my debit card I have been recruited in to help.

Can’t believe how crap the women’s clothes shops are in Reigate.

Day 487 – Monday 8th July 2019

An okay start to the day, at least it wasn’t wet. Clothes shopping again with Elizabeth this time in Crawley.

What I find funny is if I am asked for my opinion and I give it I invariably get into trouble!

Had a tray of greasy chips from the Black Sea chippy as a reward for all my efforts

In the afternoon I went for a yomp up Reigate Hill again. Reigate Hill may be 220m high but I start walking up it from about 120m so I’m only really walking 100m up it! Ben Nevis seems even higher now 🙁

Comma butterflies are easy to photograph cause when they settle on a flower not a lot will move them

Day 488 – Tuesday 9th July 2019

An okay day weatherwise.

To Newlands Corner to eat our butties

a Large White butterfly

Day 489 – Wednesday 10th July 2019

Did something to my back yesterday so watched TV until it was time for my skin cancer appointment.

The doctor I saw said she couldn’t see any sign of BCC, she said it looked like sun damage. I asked a further opinion and that’ll be in 6 weeks time

Day 490 – Thursday 11th July 2019

Up early to travel to Pompey for Elizabeth’s graduation.

Not even 6am and the M25 is fuckin’ closed

Yet another snarl-up

It took me just over 4 hours to do the 70 miles to Southsea pier.

By the time I parked up the day had gone from quite pleasant to unbearably humid and as I was under instructions not to wear shorts and a tee shirt I was damp for the rest of the day.

It was a mile and a half to Portsmouth Guildhall and after wearing nothing but lovely trainers for the last few years I discovered wearing my days posh shoes was a bit of a mistake 🙁

Elizabeth has worked her socks off for 4 years and she thoroughly deserves her 1st class degree in Pharmacy

I am getting a Residence for my awning in Poole tomorrow so on the way I popped over to Brockenhurst to see Paul Humphreys.

Yet more fuckin traffic jams, this time on the A31. To think some twat got paid for designing this balls up.

Paul seems in very good spirits considering his condition although I did need Dawn to translate for me.

I decided to stay in Brockenhurst for the night and rounded the day off with a fabulous curry 😀

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