Week 68

Day 470 – Friday 21st June 2019

A lovely sunny morning and off to Brighton for the day.

After a spot of shopping and after eating far too much at Foodilic we went down to the front to see the sights.

The Palace Pier

Had a nice relaxing little lie down on the beach.

a well known chip thief

It being a sunny day lots of people were indulging in the great British tradition of drinking pints of lager in the sun…

… and showing off their bad tattoos

Thankfully the further west along the front you go the more you leave the tack behind.


The West Pier

They are having a paddle around the pier day in early July; I just need to find something to paddle! 😀

Day 471 – Saturday 22nd June 2019

A cracking start to the day and we set off for London…

we got slightly lost on the way…

but made it in the end…

Buckingham Palace from St James’ Park

You know me I am not one for a lot of fuss but they seemed to have rolled out the carpet for us…

with horses

and a marching band!

The place was absolutely mobbed.

the palace itself though is a bit dull

The Victoria Memorial with Winged Victory atop

I keep hearing Sadiq Khan saying due to police cuts there aren’t enough coppers to stop knife crime. maybe it’s a question of getting your priorities right…

The royal stuff over we set off for the South Bank to find something to eat.

Horse Guards Parade

Julie makes a friend

Through Horse Guards Parade we came to The Mall

Street of Shame

They’re going to need a lot more than this to keep Boris out!

On to the South bank

the usual characters

and ‘entertainment

As a vegetarian eating out in mainland Europe is always a bit of a nightmare but it’s never a problem in London and there was plenty of vegetarian grub on offer today 😀

they were a bit tight with the chips though

No day out is ever complete without an ice cream

Day 472 – Sunday 23rd June 2019

An okay day. Didn’t do much after yesterday’s exertions, had lunch at the Mill House with Darren & Lucy.

Day 473 – Monday 24th June 2019

A humid start to the day. Picked off a couple of things from my To Do List. Come the afternoon I had an overwhelming urge to have a bag of chips and a Magnum 😀 Had to walk bloody miles to find an chippy that was open.

Cfor seems to be enjoying his time at home

Day 474 – Tuesday 25th June 2019

A wet start to the day. It is gloriously sunny in the South of France; I am never ever coming back to the UK in June ever again.

Spent half the day trying to fix a dribble in Julie’s toilet.

Had a bag of chips as compensation 7/10

Day 475 – Wednesday 26th June 2019

An overcast start to the day. Finally fixed Julie’s toilet!

The sun came out in the afternoon so I went for a spin on Zippy.

Ended up at Box Hill

The hairpin at Pinehurst Care Home… almost as famous as Loews!

Zippy at Rykers.

Day 476 – Thursday 27th June 2019

A beautiful sunny day…

off to Richmond Park on Zippy

We had lunch by Pen Ponds

then on to King Henry’s Mount

With the aid of the telescope you can see St Paul’s Cathedral 10 miles away to the east

It’s impossible to take a photo of St Paul’s as seen through the telescope with a Samsung J5 but this from an information board is what it looks like.

You don’t need a telescope to see Heathrow control tower

I’m hoping this weather keeps up!

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