Week 67

Day 463 – Friday 14th June 2019

Another rainy day in Surrey

Wellies in June? 🙁

Day 464 – Saturday 15th June 2019

To Walsall

to see Julie’s Mum

Walsall, Garden City of the Midlands 😉

Day 465 – Sunday 16th June 2019

I set off for a leg stretch up Reigate Hill but before I even got there it started to absolutely piss down and I got soaked wet through.

Day 466 – Monday 17th June 2019

Fuckin’ ‘ell it’s not raining! I went for a walk into Reigate and then up Reigate Hill.

these wooden wingtips are the memorial to a Flying Fortress which crashed into Reigate Hill on the way home from a bombing mission in 1945

Of the 9 American crew the eldest was just 24 years old. These days I doubt most 24 year olds could wire up a plug.

The Inglis memorial at the top of Colley Hill. You’d imagine Lieutenant Colonel Sir Robert William Inglis was a big brave war hero but in actual fact he was just rich and he built this memorial to himself Originally it was a drinking fountain for horses.

View from the top of Colley Hill looking towards Leith Hill.

Day 467 – Tuesday 18th June 2019

It started off bright but soon turned wet.

Went to Crawley…

Day 468 – Wednesday 19th June 2019

A mixed day. Went to IKEA.

IKEA’s lighting department, oh the excitement!

Day 469 – Thursday 20th June 2019

A dry day. After lunch we went to Box Hill

I love Box Hill’s chalk meadows

It’s that time of year, Purple Spotted Orchid

I have to say I have found the weather these past two weeks very testing but when it doesn’t rain there can’t be many places on earth as beautiful as the English countryside in summer.

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