Week 66

Day 456 – Friday 7th June 2019

A wet start to the week. Looking forward to tackling my To Do List for the next week or so 🙁 Got very wet walking into town.

Priory Park, Reigate, in the rain.

Day 457 – Saturday 8th June 2019

Got absolutely pissed wet through again coming back from Screwfix. On the plus side I’ve nearly finished all the odd jobs around the house 😀

Reigate High Street in the rain

Some good news; I weighed myself and after 8 months of far too much Rosé, far too many cakes, too much ice cream and shedloads of roast potatoes I haven’t put on any weight at all  🙂 My book The Smug Git Diet will be out in time for Christmas 😀

Day 458 – Sunday 9th June 2019

A bright start to the day!!!!!

Reigate without the rain!

Finished all the work on the house and started sorting out all the storage in Nelly.

Day 459 – Monday 10th June 2019

While it’s sunny in Praia da Luz and 25°c in Antibes it’s another very wet day in Reigate with the Met Office issuing an amber warning for the South East.

it’s June and the River Mole has burst its banks

Day 460 – Tuesday 11th June 2019

Hooray the rain has stopped! Went for a walk in the countryside

I can think of no finer place to walk than an an overgrown English footpath in June

all the sights to be seen

Priory Park lake

Reservoir Ducks

Day 461 – Wednesday 12th June 2019

It was a dry start to the day butt absolutely bucketed down in the afternoon. Pottered about the house a lot and watched some TV.

Day 462 – Thursday 13th June 2019

A dryish day. I thought my To Do List would take weeks and weeks but I’m coming to the end of  it already so I’m hoping the weather will improve and I can get out and about. Otherwise I’m going to go mad hanging around Reigate.

I think Cfor is missing the adventure too!

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