Week 64

Day 442 – Friday 24th May 2019

An overcast day and the start of our last week in Antibes.

To Monaco for Free Friday and the first thing we see coming out of the station….

Sailing Yacht A parked outside Port Herclue. Just letting everyone else know their boats are just a little bit boring

Out of the station we headed for some stands to watch a bit of a Formula 2 race.

Up in the stands

You get a far better idea of the speed they do down on the starting straight

It was a fairly dull affair until Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, nudged a car while trying to undertake at Rascasse and the track was completely blocked bringing the whole race to a shuddering halt.

Life father like son

Next stop was the Fan Zone to see the drivers interviewed

George Russell, he came across as an affable lad

unlike Lando Norris who was either very nervous or doesn’t have any social skills whatsoever

Carlos Sainz was very funny especially when it was suggested he came from Barcelona

Kimi was Kimi

This is Lewis Hamilton’s idea of street. Yeah Lewis, Sesame Street

Ferrari don’t normally do the Fan Zone but as Leclerc is from Monaco I guess he felt obliged to

Later we had a walk up Le Rocher to the palace to see the views

Port Herclue

Sir Philip Green’s boat, Lionheart, is nearly always parked in Port Herclue and he’s obviously not going to let a little thing like his business empire collapsing around him limit his spending so he’s here again.

A berth for a 90m boat like Green’s Lionheart costs €109,000 for the Grand Prix week.  Even a more modest 40m yacht will cost you at least €20,000 in Port Herclue. Around the corner in Port de Fontvieille a 40m mooring costs just €10,000 for Grand Prix week.

Port de Fontvieille, where the poor people park their yachts.

To end the day we had a walk on the track.

Burgers & beer on the track

By gum that girder on the right is well painted

Every knob and his bimbo likes to drive pose on the circuit once it opens to the public

Something Italian

Blimey, that’s an upgrade on the Yeti. Wonder if he also treated himself to a decent razor with that pension pot!

Day 443 – Saturday 25th May 2019

A scorching day. After yesterday’s exertions we sat around reading and getting sunburnt.

With that fur coat Cfor found some shade. Just next to where the Collar Doves dance and fight

 Day 444 – Sunday 26th May 2019

It rained early morning but by lunchtime it was boiling. We decamped to the bar to watch the GP with some pizza.

It was a bit of a dull affair, I never knew Lewis Hamilton had his PSV and I’m glad I didn’t spend €1,000+ on tickets. If Max Verstappen can’t overtake a car with dodgy tyres in 40+ laps then I think Monaco as an actual race is finished.

Great town, shame about the race.

Day 445 – Monday 27th May 2019

A cold overcast day with drizzle. Did nothing really.

Day 446 – Tuesday 28th May 2019

A mixed day.

went to Juan-Les-Pins for an ice cream

Cfor occasionally likes to think he can catch a lizard; you’ve got to have goals & dreams.

Day 447 – Wednesday 29th May 2019

A beautiful sunny day, Ate and played cards by the van, far too hot to do anything else.

Day 448 – Thursday 30th May 2019

Our last day in Antibes and it was an absolute scorcher. Went to Saint Paul de Vance for a picnic lunch and a nose about.

Julie tells me it’s 10 years today since we met!

Tomorrow we start our journey back to the UK 😀

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