Week 62

Day 428 – Friday 10th May 2019

A gloriously sunny day. We set off for a spin around the coast on Zippy

Roman’s yacht is still anchored off Eden Roc, you’d think with all his cash he could afford a little tender to get ashore!

Ended up in Cannes….

It’s the start of the film festival next week and the whole place is log jammed with trucks and cranes and construction workers busy making everything just so for all the Luvvies as they jet in for a few hours to get their mugshots taken on a red carpet

stages are being built on the beach

Hotels are busy upgrading their rooftop bars

Heard lots of American accents around town but truth be told the only film I’ve seen that was made in the last 20 years was The Hangover so I wouldn’t recognise a modern day ‘film star’ if I tripped over one.

security is tight, they obviously don’t want anyone stealing Emma’s airmiles!

it’ll never be finished by Monday!

Sylvester Stallone’s handprint outside the Tourist Office

Poor Meryl Streep, she has to fit in by the bike sheds, back where she probably started.

Cannes away from croisette and tack of Hollywood, beautiful

Day 429 – Saturday 11th May 2019

An overcast and cold start to the day.

It brightened up in the afternoon so we popped into Antibes for a nose around.

the town was full of Americans

The day became a scorcher and we were grateful when the wind got up to cool things down.

Day 430 – Sunday 12th May 2019

A beautiful start to the day.

Cfor loves a little roll around on the dirt

Went to Haut Cagnes for a Thai festival.

Typically all the food had either chicken, pork or shrimp in it. I ended up with the world’s greasiest crispy pancake

There was traditional dress…

crazy dancing…

and melon carving!

Day 431 – Monday 13th May 2019

A beautiful day; had the card school round for lunch. A very lazy day.

Day 432 – Tuesday 14th May 2019

I get all the news I need from the weather report

We hopped on Zippy and went for a spin to Golfe-Juan.

Golfe-Juan is where Napoleon landed on 1st March 1815 when he escaped from his exile on Elba. It didn’t take long for Nelson to put him back in his box later that year at Waterloo.

Nowadays there’s not much in Golfe-Juan unless you have a yacht or want to eat by the marina


On the way home we stopped in Juan-Les-Pins for an ice cream and a stroll along the front

Day 433 – Wednesday 15th May 2019

There was a storm during the night but it’d all died down by breakfast and by 10am it was a fabulously sunny day.

As we are off to Monaco tomorrow we had another lazy day sitting in the sun reading and listening to podcasts. My tan is coming along nicely

Day 434 – Thursday 16th May 2019

Off to Monaco for a nose about.

The train was delayed and we didn’t arrive until lunch time. So my mind was totally focused on getting some food while Julie was more interested in taking photos.

Who owns Topman & Burtons but dresses at Oxfam?

Eventually I managed to buy a pizza to eat on the marina.

The base was too thick and there was too much cloying cheese. Other than that absolutely fabulous!

With just a week to go till the Grand Prix and workmen all over the place it was pretty chaotic.

me helping get the track ready for next week’s GP (4th upright girder in on the left at the tunnel entrance if anyone is watching 😀 )

I’ve been to Monaco many times but I’ve never actually been in the casino so I brought my passport and wallet with me today.

Gambling only pays when you’re winning

You can go in the foyer and gift shop for free and just by the cloakroom are the best free public toilets on the Riviera but it’s €17 to get into the casino itself. You get a voucher to exchange for 2 €5 non-cashable chips so it’s quite good value for money.

The table room we went in was quite ornate but rather small. You aren’t allowed to take pictures but that never stops Julie 😀

I used to be on Betfair all the time putting money on football matches and the tennis but I never considered it gambling. Gambling is for fools I was investing plus I absolutely hate losing.

With that in mind the only chips I was going to use were the non-cashable ones I’d been gifted. I went to play on a roulette table and betting on Manque (1-18) & Passe (18-36) I only won our entry money back 😀

But it turns out 32 isn’t Julie’s lucky number after all.

What’s your secret Mr Winner? Legging it the moment you are ahead of course!

Later we had a walk about the shops and the track…

How big is that bloody steering wheel?

The starting line P1

If you want to be sitting right on the starting line you need Tribune H5, seat A15

Julie at the start of the tunnel exit chicane with shoes to match!

Julie on the Apex at Loew’s

All in all a great day out and we’ll be back next friday for Free Friday 😀

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