Week 61

Day 421 – Friday 3rd May 2019

A mixed day weatherwise; warm when the sun was out, a little chilly when it was in.

Afternoon card school

Cfor had a proper fight with another cat today. Julie broke it up and Cfor came in the van hissing & growling; the wild animal in him is awakening.

Day 422 – Saturday 4th May 2019

Another mixed day with a few drops of rain. A lazy day.

It brightened up in the evening so I went for a walk in the local woods, reminded me of Surrey.

Day 423 – Sunday 5th May 2019

There was a bit of a storm during the night, another mixed day, not really warm. Another lazy day.

Day 424 – Monday 6th May 2019

A sunny and breezy day.

Cfor had me up at 5:30am this morning; he wanted feeding and the door opening. I can’t believe I left NATS only to become his lackey!

Had the card school round for lunch

Had to sleep lunch off in the afternoon before going to Richard’s for a few hands. Julie won 2 games!

Later we finished watching Line of Duty. I’m not convinced it’s the work of genius people make out; the idea that 3 police officers could be shot dead in an ambush and only DI Kate Fleming & DS Steve Arnott would be tasked with investigating the incident is just frankly bollocks.

Day 425 – Tuesday 7th May 2019

A beautiful sunny morning. After lunch we took Zippy to Haut Cagnes.

The view from Haut Cagnes of Nice airport with its runway sticking out into the sea

Haut Cagnes is a stunning little village and not really touristy

Haut Cagnes town square

There are about 5 restaurants in the town square and another 6 or 7 scattered around the village with a couple of artist’s workshops but that’s it; no tat shops no 107 modern art galleries even though the village has been much painted itself.

Day 426 – Wednesday 8th May 2019

An overcast day and a sneezy day for me too. Watched the last of Game of Thrones season 6.

Day 427 – Thursday 9th May 2019

The sun is back but so is the wind. So we both got blasted by the sun without realising it.

Julie doesn’t like going on Zippy in the wind so I went by myself for a spin on Zippy to Juan-les-Pins on the coast road which is a fabulous ride.

Roman Abramovich’s yacht, Eclipse, was anchored just off Eden Rock, its draft is too much for Antibes harbour.

This is the back gate to Roman’s place, Chȃteau de la Croȅ, on Cap de Antibes.

This is the front gate of Chȃteau de la Croȅ. It used to be owned by Aristotle Onassis. When Roman bought it it was being used by squatters and he’s reportedly spent €30m decorating it.

The French are forever graffiting the road so I might spray COYG on the road leading to his gaff, do you think his security team have a sense of humour? 😀

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