Week 60

Day 414 – Friday 26th April 2019

The sunshine is back and it’s hot 😀

Had a lazy day, a stroll along the beach into Port Grimaud for an ice cream was about as energetic as it got.

A beach full of Germans, some things can’t be unseen

Day 415 – Saturday 27th April 2019

Sun is still here 😀

As we are back off to Antibes tomorrow we took Zippy into St Tropez for a nose about.

The back of town

Day 416 – Sunday 28th April 2019

A very sunny day, boiling hot. Packed up and drove back to Antibes.

It’s always difficult checking into the site in Antibes. If they notice you have a scooter they charge you €2.50 a day extra and as we are here for nearly 5 weeks that’s about £60 which I’d much rather spend on food and drink.

Once parked up we had a lazy afternoon in the sun while Cfor went exploring his old hunting grounds.

Cfor doesn’t care what Chris Packham says about killing birds for pleasure. It’s a pity he’s too fat to ever catch one!

Day 417 – Monday 29th April 2019

A boiling hot day. Had a very lazy day sat in the sun topping up me tan. In the evening we went for a walk along Antibe’s old town walls.

In Brighton the seagulls love chips; they will kill for them if need be. This mediterranean cousin is tucking into pasta, olives, grapes and a green pepper salad!

Day 418 – Tuesday 30th April 2019

Another hot day. After a lazy morning we went to St Paul de Vance after lunch.

St Paul de Vance in the sun

I’ve was here a few weeks ago but this is Julie’s first visit.

It’s very popular…

and it’s a little too touristy for me. How many modern art galleries can you shoe into a pretty hilltop town before you kill it?

About 107 judging by St Paul de Vance.

Who the fuck wants a 7ft rainbow coloured gorilla anyway?

In its defence like all French towns St Paul de Vance has an impressive church tower

also the views were very good, Antibes and its Cap in the distance

and away from the crowds it is a beautiful old town

Some idiot in a medieval laveire

Day 419 – Wednesday 1st May 2019

Another sunny day. In the afternoon we took Zippy to Valbonne, a little town 10 miles inland.

The French take 1st May off as a bank holiday

and when they’re not working they do like to eat out

Valbonne is a lovely little town but these French towns are all beginning to merge into one in my head.

The church at Valbonne

Liverpool played Barca in the semi-final of the Champions League tonight and got a right good hiding…

€2 very well spent 😀

Day 420 – Thursday 2nd May 2019

An overcast and cold start to the day. It warmed up a little after lunch and we popped into Antibes; I was in search of a can of baked beans.

We stumbled across a glass blower, nice and warm watching him work.

I managed to find my baked beans in the reduced aisle, just how I like ’em 😀

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