Week 57

Day 393 – Friday 4th April 2019

A lovely day so we hopped on Zippy and rode into Nice to have a picnic lunch. Apart from the seafront Nice has some great parks and gardens where you can sit and watch the world go by.

Fontaine Miroir d’eau on the Prom du Paillon

Fontaine du Soleil

The flower market in Nice

the blue chairs on the Promenade des Anglais have been a feature since the 1950s

Difficult to fall asleep in though.

When aircraft approach Nice airport from the east they fly in off the Cap de Nice and banking to port they head straight for Le Negresco hotel turning just a couple on hundred yards before the beach.

Le Negresco, a great place for plane spotting but probably not so great for a lie-in

Day 394 – Saturday 5th April 2019

A cold overcast day. Binged watched Game of Thrones season 1. Fabulous 😀

Day 395 – Sunday 6th April 2019

The sun was out this morning and Cfor had a visitor!

This was a very friendly cat and Cfor wasn’t the least bit upset in his company.

A lazy morning and a lazy afternoon.

Had a walk to the Baie des Anges to look at how the other half sail

Later we got a new neighbour…

A German in a shed!

Day 396 – Monday 7th April 2019

A beautiful morning, went to Cap d’Antibes and ate our lunch overlooking the sea.

Cap d’Antibes

Day 397 – Tuesday 8th April 2019

Another beautiful sunny day. We hopped on Zippy and went for a wander and picnic at Cap Ferrat.

Like Nice, Antibes & Juan-les-Pins Cap Ferrat has an annual jazz festival

Plage des Fosses

I doubt you’d be able to buy even a very modest house on Cap Ferrat for less than a million or two. It’s one of these places where the swankier the house the more likely it is to be all shuttered up. I guess if people can afford £20m for a holiday home on the French riviera they’ve probably got quite a few homes around the world. I dare say there are even people who own a posh house on Cap Ferrat who also have an apartment 10 miles down the road in Monaco.

The German and his shed left this morning.

Day 398 – Wednesday 9th April 2019

An overcast start to the day and it was cold. After lunch we went for a nose around Biot.

They were doing pavement in this square this time last year.

Day 399 – Thursday 10th April 2019

Another cold morning then it started to rain. Finished off watching season 2 of Game of Thrones.

I see Theresa May has just got a 6 month extension on the Brexit negotiations and the first thing MPs have done is go on 2 weeks holiday citing Brexit fatigue. What a bunch of twats.

In what industry could there be such a major crisis and everyone goes on two weeks fuckin’ holiday? I think everyone in the UK should ring in work sick tomorrow citing the same. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander; the people should only work when MPs do.

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