Week 55

Day 379 – Friday 22nd March 2019

A beautiful sunny day in Villeneuve-les-Beziers, we packed up and set off for Aix-en-Provence. It was just a two hour drive and there were no problems on the journey so we were settled into our new pitch by lunchtime.

After lunch we hopped on Zippy and went for a nose around Aix town centre.


Aix has changed a lot since I first drove through the town enroute to the south of France about 30 years ago. Then I just glanced the Fontaine de la Rotonde as we sped through. Nowadays there’s no speeding through Aix as the town centre has a ton of traffic calming and stripped of nearly all traffic the centre of Aix is a beautiful old French town.

The posh part of the town centre is the Cours Mirabeau

The Fontaine de la Rotonde at the end of the Cours Mirabeau

Day 380 – Saturday 23rd March 2019

Yet another beautiful sunny day. Into Aix to visit the market which stretches the whole length of Cours Mirabeau.

The Saturday Market in Aix-en-Provence

Day 381 – Sunday 24th March 2019

A sunny day and a very lazy day.

We had a little picnic in a local park.

Back at the campsite I had a lovely sleep in the sun 😀

Day 382 – Monday 25th March 2019

Another sunny day. Packed up and set off for Antibes. It was just a quick 2 hour journey on the toll road, uneventful apart from some bloody Spanish lorry driver trying to take our wing mirror off at a toll station!

Booking into the campsite in Antibes wasn’t as difficult as it usually is. I think the woman behind reception must have taken her happy pills today.

After just over 10 weeks of travelling all the way from Praia de Luz we are on the French riviera until the end of May and the idea is to completely relax so if I do anything other than eat, drink, sit in the sun or go for a spin on Zippy then I will have failed in my mission.

Went for a spin on Zippy to the old part of Antibes.

Day 383 – Tuesday 26th March 2019

It rained a little around 6am but it was a nice enough morning if a little breezy. and the sun eventually came out. Bought some new chairs to relax/sleep in then gave them a bloody good soak test.

Day 384 – Wednesday 27th March 2019

An overcast start to the day but the sun soon came out. Off for a spin on Zippy to Cap Ferrat.

The traffic in Nice town centre is a bit of a pain in the arse; the fact they are always doing roadworks and always doing up the old port doesn’t help but outside of Nice the ride along the coast is great.

Cap Ferrat peninsular from Eze

We struggled to find the coast in Cap Ferrat; most of the peninsular is covered with expensive looking private villas with fuck off walls & security but eventually we found a little road that led down to the town of Saint-Jean.

Saint-Jean, sleepy during the day

We had lunch on the Sentier Littoral, the coastside path which allows you to walk most of the peninsular.

Charlie Chaplin and David Niven lived here; I never knew either of them were that way inclined!

Now we have a better idea of how to get around the peninsular we’ll have to come back for a proper explore.

Villefranche-sur-Mer from Cap Ferrat

Day 385 – Thursday 28th March 2019

A sunny start to the day. Had a lazy day sitting in the sun. Got pulled over by the French police for using Zippy in a cycle lane. Thankfully one of them spoke English and he wasn’t looking to hand out a ticket. Apart from telling me unlike Italy in France cycle lanes were for bicycles only they also told me it’s compulsory to wear gloves when riding a motorbike in France.

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