Week 54

Day 372 – Friday 15th March 2019

A beautiful sunny day. A little tired after walking round Barca yesterday and I’m nowhere near fully recovered from my illness so had a lazy day sat reading and sleeping in the sun.

The most I managed today was a walk along the beach after lunch.

The beach just outside Barcelona

I think I have perfected the art of sleeping in the sun like a proper old codger; like the ones you see down on the front at Eastbourne. You have to get really well wrapped up against the wind and get settled in a comfortable spot in the full sun. Pretty soon you’ll start to bake and after an hour or so it’s next to impossible to move, it’s like you’ve been nailed to the chair 😀

Day 373 – Saturday 16th March 2019

A lovely start to the day and it turned into a scorcher. Packed up and off to Camping Aquarius which is just a few miles from the French border.

Camping Aquarius is German owned and as you’d expect it is a very good site.

This is the Bay of Roses; named not after the plant but after the local town of Roses.

Day 374 – Sunday 17th March 2019

A sunny day.

Went to the local town of Roses which had a very French feel and reminded both of us of Sainte-Maxime just across the bay from St Tropez.

I’m undecided about Julie’s new look

Day 375 – Monday 18th March 2019

It blew a gale last night and it’s still very windy this morning.

this past week wind in one form or another has been the bane of my life

My weather app says it is currently blowing at 60 mph and isn’t going to calm down until tomorrow. Not really the kind of weather I want to take a motorhome across the Pyrenees in so we’re going to have an extra day in Spain.

Cfor is more than happy to have an extra day in Spain

Day 376 – Tuesday 19th March 2019

A sunny intervals day but more importantly there is a break in the wind until just after lunch. Up early and off to France before 8am.

It was October 9th, Day 215 of my retirement when we left Biarritz in France  for Spain; 161 days ago. Far too long ago imho.

Decided  to use the toll roads down to Béziers; a lot less fuckin’ about than the A roads. The trip over the Pyrenees wasn’t high altitude at all and we were soon at the campsite just outside Béziers.

Coming off the toll road in France the machine wouldn’t accept my ticket. I had to speak to the attendant and she asked where I’d got on so cracked on I had no idea where I’d got on but it wasn’t far away, they ended up only charging me €7. That’s a great result and I might get a magnet to mess with all my toll tickets in future.

The campsite in Villeneuve-lès-Béziers is not 20m from the Canal du Midi.

think this is a muskrat, anyway there’s a family of them here and they hang around the ducks to steal bread

Once settled in we had a walk around the local town.

No one does pretty old towns and villages like the French.

Day 377 – Wednesday 20th March 2019

A beautiful sunny morning but a quite cold start to the day. We hopped on Zippy and drove towards Béziers parking up by the side of the Canal du Midi then had a stroll into town.

Canal du Midi

Béziers is one of France’s oldest towns and the walk through the old winding streets to the cathedral was fabulous.

Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire-et-Saint-Celse de Béziers

After a gander round the town we walked on to Les 9 écluses de Fonseranes.

Les 9 écluses de Fonseranes, a UNESCO World Heritage site. If this was Spain you’d have to pay €10 to look at this.

Canard du Midi

Day 378 – Thursday 21st March 2019

A sunny but cold start to the day but later in the afternoon it was proper scorchio. We hopped on Zippy and motored to the coast.

Valras-Plage is a typical French holiday town, it has a harbour, a great beach and plenty of eateries.

and like a lot of French tourist towns spring means lots of public works pedestrianising the place to make it more people friendly.

After scoffing our sarnies and sitting in the sun for a while we headed to Sérignan just inland on the river Orb.

Sérignan, a typically pretty little French town

The Marie of Sérignan is pleased to advertise the 1000+ free parking places in the town. Something you’re unlikely to ever see anywhere in the UK

Tomorrow we head further east and hope to stop in Aix-en-Provence for a few days before settling in Antibes for a few weeks while the Brexit shitshow settles down.

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