Week 51

Day 351 – Friday 22nd February 2019

Another sunny day in Andalusia and a morning walk on the beach.

There’s mountains over there but you can’t see them for the haze which is created by the dust which coats everything round here.

After lunch I took Julie to the Faro Cabo de Gata for a look at the jagged coastline.

Not quite Ponta da Piedade but a a nice ride on Zippy

Day 352 – Saturday 23rd February 2019

A very sunny day, mainly sat around in the sun.

The sparrows are fearless round here…. I taut I taw a puddy tat

He did but Biscuit Boy was, as per usual during the day, asleep

Day 353 – Sunday 24th February 2019

Sunny morning and off early to Camping Lo Monte about 150 miles along the coast.

Cfor has really enjoyed this site. The little swine was usually out until 1am!

Lo Monte, a very nice campsite but unfortunately the pitched they’d reserved for us was too small for Nelly to fit on.

A quick check on CamperContact and we were on our way to La Marina Camping who fortunately had a spare pitch we could fit on.

The site is very very well done and is choc-a-block with Germans, Swiss & Scandinavians. The toilet and shower block is absolutely 5* 😀

There are a lot of dogs around our pitch so I think Cfor will be spending all his time sleeping in the van.

Helvetic One, there’s a smart car in the boot! My favorite bit, the roof terrace!

Day 354 – Monday 25th February 2019

Boiling hot day.

A 9.5% increase in sales to UK residents last year; Project Fear clearly hasn’t been a great success

Stocked upon Bombay Bad Boys at the local Iceland/Waitrose and went exploring on Zippy in the afternoon.

El Pinet

The old castle at Santa Pola

It was blowing a gale across the Santa Pola salt pans on the way home, great fun 😀

Day 355 – Tuesday 26th February 2019

Absolutely boiling day today. Off out on Zippy exploring


A typical day driving a scooter in Spain; someone reversed out of a parking space straight in front of me and a post office van tried to undertake me as I was getting off a roundabout.

an Osborne Bull

Sat in the late afternoon topping up me tan 🙂

Day 356 – Wednesday 27th February 2019

Another glorious day. I have really enjoyed this campsite and I wouldn’t mind spending a month or so here this winter before going on to Portugal.

Onwards to Benidorm.

Wow this is the business. Benidorm is unashamedly chavvy and we love it!

There’s no getting away from it Benidorm is full of old people and a lot of them drink too much and don’t wear sunblock.

People ride around on Limo mobility scooters

No need to go to the Harvard Business School for your Benidorm business plan. Just plaster the the front of your bar with Union Jacks and it’ll soon fill up with overweight, over tattooed sunburnt Brits

Just outside the camp is a chippy and an Indian; heaven.

Came across a 3 shell con game in action. You have to bet €50 and it’s dead easy to win. You get two dodgy €50 notes back as a prize! Most of the people in the crowd are shills; they feed the dodgy €50 notes into the game by losing and they are given the sucker’s real €50 notes when they win. The 3 shells were scooped out potatoes so if the police descended on them the evidence could easily be eaten and the shills in the crowd would just melt away with the money. At most the guy running the scam would have a couple of dodgy €50 notes on him and he’d be unlucky to get prosecuted for that. Very clever really.

Day 357 – Thursday 28th February 2019

Another boiling day. Went for breakfast in town and had a nose about in the afternoon.

The beach front is actually quite restrained compared to the back streets of town.

Fantastic if you like to drink pints in the sun and listen to karaoke.

At the Balcon del Mediterraneo, away from all the din.

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