Week 50

Day 344 – Friday 15th February 2019

A sunny morning and we packed up for the short drive to the next site.

Camping Mar Azul is an absolutely fabulous campsite.

It has a boules

a pool… it was a lot colder than it looked!

a bar and restaurant

The entire site is laid with gravel and you can watch Netflix on the free WiFi.

Camping Mar Azul is a little piece of paradise….

set in a sea of polytunnels, they come right up to fence!

In this part of Spain wherever there is a spare piece of flat land they’ll put up greenhouse made out of polythene.

Once settled in to Camping Mar Azul I took Zippy out to explore the local town.

Balerma town centre

There’s not a lot going on in the Balemra. In fact most of it looks empty and is for sale but as per usual in Spain that doesn’t stop them half building more apartment blocks.

Looks like Banksy got here before me

I imagine the problem with towns like Balemra is there are very few high quality jobs round here. You either pick fruit & veg for minimum wage or get out of town and it looks like most have chosen to get out of town.

Sadly it’s hard to see anything saving towns like Balemra

 Day 345 – Saturday 16th February 2019

A beautiful sunny day but blowing an absolute gale. Far too windy for Julie to be on the back of Zippy. It was even too windy for Cfor to go out.

We binge watched Dirty John on Netflix. 

Day 346 – Sunday 17th February 2019

Lots of sunshine and no wind today. We hopped on Zippy and set off for Almerimar.

I’m going to guess there wasn’t a lot at Almerimar before the 1980s.

Almerimar has a fairly big marina with some people actually on the boats!

Some of the original town remains

The town is now nearly all holiday apartments, thousands of them all shuttered up until July & August.

The road from Balemra to Almerimar is lined with plastic green houses.

rough as arseholes, in typical Spanish anything will do style

Of course plastic doesn’t last long in the Spanish sun, never mind…

just dump it by the beach

where as it degrades the wind will eventually blow it in to the Med.

Of course all this is done with the help of EU money.

Day 347 – Monday 18th February 2019

A nice sunny morning at Camping Mar Azul. Packed up and off to Cabo de Gata some 50 miles further east along the coast.

Camping Cabo de Gato

The site is pretty well done but in the middle of nowhere so we should be in for a nice relaxing time.

Cfor likes it here.

Went for an explore on Zippy and it was horrendously windy along the coast. Back at the van I settled in to watch Top Gear and eat too many biscuits and nachos.

Day 348 – Tuesday 19th February 2019

A hazy morning but the wind has died down a little. Had a very sneezy day.

Walked to the beach, came across a nice little nature reserve on the way

Downloaded and watched the United Chelsea game, a lazy afternoon.

Day 349 – Wednesday 20th February 2019

Lovely sunny day with almost no wind. I took Zippy to the Faro de Cabo de Gata

Great coast road, narrow & twisty with a couple of blind bends 😀

After lunch we set off for Almeria.

They grow a lot of tomatoes round here

There’s nothing particularly great about the town itself but perched on San Cristobal Hill is the Alcazaba of Almeria a huge centuries old fortress.

the Alcazaba of Almeria

If this was in Granada no doubt they’d want a tenner to get in and the queues would be round the block.

The rooftop gardens of Almeria’s old town

It’s funny the things you see in Spain…

well if the Hacienda Club can be in Manchester….

Day 350 – Thursday 21st February 2019

A very sunny day and a very relaxing day.

Did little apart from feed the sparrows

Later on while I was dozing in the sun one landed on my leg and a couple even hopped inside the van; Cfor thought it was his birthday but being such a Biscuit Boy he had no chance of catching them.

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