Week 48

Day 330 – Friday 1st February 2019

Woke up to a howling wind and heavy rain but it’d cleared up by lunchtime and we took a ride on Zippy into Marbella.


The old town part of Marbella is quite small but pretty enough.

Marbella Old Town

The seafront is anything but small and the promenade is lined with restaurants and cafes and Africans selling luxury goods at remarkably discounted prices.

Marbella seafront

The boats in the marina are pretty modest

The Marbella of TOWIE fame is down the A7 in Puerto Banús.

I imagine this is how everyone from Essex dresses but obviously in XXXXL size

With it’s expensive and fashionable shops it’s looks like it’s trying to be Cannes. Definitely a market for a Millets though.

The marina at Puerto Banús

Day 331 – Saturday 2nd February 2019

Sunny but cold in the wind. Bit of a lazy day.

A walk on the local beach was as energetic as the day got

Day 332 – Sunday 3rd February 2019

A gloriously sunny day. A Sunday lie-in then off on Zippy to have a look around the town of Ojén in the hills behind Marbella.



Back to Marbella old town for lunch

A lot less wind today and the front was pretty packed. This place must be crazy in summer.

Julie bought a Louis Vuitton scarf at a real bargain price from one of the African gentlemen on the front.

Day 333 – Monday 4th February 2019

Lovely day. Did bits and bobs and the day disappeared.

After a little apprehension and a dust up with another cat Cfor quite likes exploring the site, watching the pigeons and eating grass

Day 334 – Tuesday 5th February 2019

Another beautiful day and after a walk to the beach and lunch we set off for an afternoon’s stroll around Puerto Banús & Marbella.

Always amazes me how little these gin palaces get used

None of the staff in the Louis Vuitton shop noticed Julie’s scalf wasn’t quite kosher.

I don’t know why Louis Vuitton don’t move their sales operation down to the prom at Marbs; these guys shift tons more stuff than they do in that stuffy shop.

We’ve enjoyed our time in Marbella but I have to say the standard of driving in the town is truly appalling and I think I’m  pretty lucky not to have had a scrape of some sort.

Day 335 – Wednesday 6th February 2019

Yet another beautiful day in Andalusia. We packed up and set off for Camping Valle Niza 50 miles along the coast between Malaga & Torre del Mar.

The site is okay.  Mind you when the weather is this good even Redhill would look quite nice.

Cfor settled in in a matter of minutes

I get the impression most of the people here have been here for months getting slowly frazzled during the day and sozzled during the afternoon and evening. The guy opposite was on the vino at 4pm and another bloke had to be helped back to his van at 6:30pm.

I went for an explore on Zippy. Not much open this time of the year round here.

Day 336 – Thursday 7th February 2019

Beautiful day. The German at the back of us is complaining about Cfor going on his pitch; he is allergic to cats. What a coincidence, I am allergic to twats. There are at least 4 other cats wandering around the site why pick on Cfor!

After lunch we headed into Torres del Mar. Not really a lot to see.

They have a huge promenade, probably paid for by the EU, but not a lot else.

Eric Cantona had his yacht in the bay

Tomorrow we are off to Nerja on Zippy

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