Week 43

Day 295 – Friday 28th December 2018

A beautiful sunny day.

The sunshine never stops in Portugal!

While I sorted out next year’s insurance Julie sunbathed. Think I need to adjust the white balance

Once Julie had had enough of sunbathing we took a ride on Zippy to Mexilhoeira

and Alvor

Day 296 – Saturday 29th December 2018

Another beautiful sunny day

Off to Tiffany’s riding centre for a riding lesson and trail ride.

Giddy up a ding dong

the return of the caption competition

My horse wa called Zucchini and Julie’s Zoofila.

After we’d been schooled in the basics I asked what we should do it the horse bolts, I was told the horse wouldn’t bolt but if it did I should grab the neck band and pull. That advice came in handy as my horse was spooked when it saw a feral pig. We came across not one but two feral pigs on out trail. The instructor told us horses don’t like pigs but if we had come across a wildbore the horses would have gone nuts.

Riding the range

Julie needed just a little help getting off her mount

When I got off my horse my legs and knees started complaining like hell.

It was such a beautiful afternoon I went for an explore on Zippy.  It really is a pleasure to ride a scooter down here, apart from the dogs that feel a need to chase any passing motorbike!


I did well at petanque, I have given up trying to learn to shoot for the time being and my pointing game is back on top form. My side won both matches to night 😀

Day 297 – Sunday 30th December 2018

A beautiful if slightly windy day. Had a good lie in then after lunch set about washing the van.

There’s only one place to start cleaning a motorhome and that’s up on the roof.

Day 298 – Monday 31st December 2018

Sunny but windy day again. Spent most of the day on the computer sorting stuff out.

Even though my pointing was great today my side were soundly beaten at petanque today. Two new French guys showed up. The one on the other team could really shoot. The one playing on my side thought he could shoot but couldn’t 🙁

Day 299 – Tuesday 1st January 2019

New Year’s Day, Praia do Luz

Day 300 – Wednesday 2nd January 2019

A lovely sunny day, didn’t do much other than ride into Lagos for a wander about.

Day 301 – Thursday 3rd January 2019

The day started sunny but it soon clouded over. It feels cold here without the sun but at 16°C it’s a whole 10°C warmer than back in Reigate so can’t really complain.

We only have a week left here then it’s back to the Spanish costas for 9 weeks. I am really looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing some new places. We have loved Luz and the weather down here but it’s time to move on.

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