Week 37

Day 253 – Friday 16th November 2018 

Bright morning. Back’s a little stiff today, I think I overdid it at the Fit Park yesterday.

After lunch we went for an explore on Zippy and rounded off the day having an ice cream in Luz.

Photo of the Day – beginning to think if your ice cream isn’t chocolate then you’ve made a really bad decision

Day 254 – Saturday 17th November 2018

Overcast and breezy start to the day.

The wind made the sea at Luz a little too choppy for surfing…

Looked ideal for kite surfers though.

It started to rain in the afternoon then the wind and rain really got up. Good job I downloaded Narcos Mexico last night.

Day 255 – Sunday 18th November 2018

Weather was absolutely vile last night but an okay start to the day.

Sunday lunch at Sunita’s Castle

The rain started again in the afternoon and the weather forecast for tomorrow oscillates between sunshine and rain every hour!

Day 256 – Monday 19th November 2018

Bright start to the morning. Set off on Zippy for a tool around the hills a few miles inland from the coast.

It’s certainly different from the coast, far greener but like at the coast nearly everything is for sale.

The Albufeira da Barragem de Odiáxere reservoir

Later the rain started again washing out my Monday game of petanque 🙁

I bought some After Eight Mints in the Spar shop today and have set a nightly alarm on my phone 😀

The weather hasn’t been what we expected. Apparently it’s the worst November they had in donkey’s years. Thank God we have unlimited boxsets and a lifetime’s supply of Rosé

Day 257 – Tuesday 20th November 2018

Bright start to the morning but the showers soon arrived. Someone was telling me they are having much worse weather in southern Spain and Julie’s weather app says it is 5°c in the UK.

I always hated this time of year in the UK; get up in the dark, get out of work in the dark, a fuckin’ awful way to live so we shouldn’t complain too much about a few drops of rain.

Tried to give Julie a quick lesson on Zippy but when she sits on the seat neither of her legs can reach the ground.

Took up the offer of a free week so we’ll be here until 12th January.

Cfor is really enjoying getting outside

Have finished Narcos Mexico

Day 258 – Wednesday 21st November 2018

Woke up with stabbing pains in my left foot; what is that all about? Of course, today is Couch to 5k day. When I got out of bed various parts of my left leg were also complaining.

Outside it was a bright morning. Absolutely no problems running, even did an extra 30 seconds at the end and stopped by the Fit Park on my way back; must be the After Eight Mints!

Tried out the badminton.

It went thataway

When this couple turned up with their own rackets I thought we were in trouble but they we just as crap as us!

We’ve been here 4 weeks now and we are well settled in. It’s a completely different life to travelling around. Travelling you get to see new things everyday, 5 cathedrals in a week is not unusual. Here we live more like the ex-pats, relaxing, reading, watching TV, whiling away the days.

Julie has grounded Cfor 🙁

Day 259 – Thursday 22nd November 2018

An overcast day, a cold day. Still at least the rain held off for Petanque.

I didn’t play too badly, can’t say the same for the rest of my team.

Cfor managed to get out today, he loves exploring other people’s pitches!

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