Week 36

Day 246 – Friday 9th November 2018

Woke up to beautiful sunshine and had a fabulously lazy morning under the awning.

After lunch we went for a poodle about on Zippy

We had a look at the waves on the beach at Salema

and at the windmill at Budens

Day 247 – Saturday 10th November 2018

Overcast start to the day and it was mixed all day. In the afternoon we went for an explore on Zippy.

We ended up in Barão de São João


Barão de São João is a typical little Portuguese village. The streets are narrow and some of the property is very run down. But it has a few bars, some cafes, a restaurant and a couple of shops. There are plenty of boarded up houses in town. There must be hundreds of villages like this dotted around the Algarve and I don’t imagine it’d cost more than £25k to buy and do up a nice little place in any of them; as long as you have good health that’s got to be better than spending your retirement in Wigan or Solihull.

Driving out of town we came across Manchester United’s midfield.

Left in a field without any carrots it’s no wonder Alexis and Pogba want to leave if this is how José treats them!

Day 248 – Sunday 11th November 2018

Bit of a mixed morning weatherwise. After the remembrance service (no Germans came) we motored in to Lagos for Sunday lunch.

LazyJacks at the Marina in Lagos

There are a lot of holiday apartments in and around Lagos marina and at this time of year they cost just €45 a night so there are a lot of Brits in town and at Lazy Jack’s for their €11 all you can eat Sunday Lunch

This wasn’t enough for Julie, she went back for seconds.

When Julie ‘Two Dinners’ had finished she said she felt like she might burst. Surprise surprise.

I had a Veg Curry which was on the Golden Years menu and it was dreadful.

Luckily there was an Ice Cream Sundae thrown in

Day 249 – Monday 12th November 2018

Beautiful morning.


After 3 days of no physical activity it was time for Week 3 of my Couch to 5k. Although it was a step up I survived and even went to yoga afterwards although I am not too sure yoga is for me. I will give it a few more weeks.

After lunch we motored to Vila do Bispo and Sagres

Vila Bispo, it’s claim to fame is it has a Lidls

Sagres has a good beach

There’s plenty of free motorhome parking right by the beach so there’s plenty of Crusties there

Back at the campsite I went for my Monday game of Petanque.

They had to get the tape measure out a few times as things got a little competitive

My team won 2-0 and I scored more than my fair share of points 😀

Day 250 – Tuesday 13th November 2018

Another beautiful day. Elsje put on a Thai yoga class today. Which Google tells me….

is a therapeutic style of massage combining soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.

Julie in a state of deep relaxation

Not too sure if we’ll be going again. Julie groaned so much I had to swap places with Elsje for a while and I ended up having to massage this French woman. I didn’t know where to put my hands.

In the Afternoon we went to Luz and watched the surfers.

Day 251 – Wednesday 14th November 2018

A beautiful day and off to Alvor on Zippy.

The beach at Alvor is big and clean

There’s a big aire right by the beach, €9.50 a night including electricity but no toilet or shower block. That’d be a real bargain in Summer but at this time of year they could get a campsite with toilets and showers for the same or even less.

Alvor itself is a little fishing town… with about 6 Irish pubs

Lunch and a stroll around the town.

I spotted a Ronaldo shirt lying in the gutter and I thought what a great picture it would make. I got my phone out as quick as possible…

… but some Portuguese woman stooped to pick it up and got her fat arse in the way completely ruining the image

Day 252 – Thursday 25th November 2018

Up early to do my Couch to 5k; it’s session 2 of week 3. I survived but I think the stretching at yoga is causing me pain when I run. So I’m going to give it a miss for a while.

They’ve been doing the indoor pool up for a couple of weeks now and today the noise was too much.

a building site

I went to reception and complained and they have given us a free week 😀

I discovered the camp has an Fit Park

Petanque didn’t go well today. Our opponents had better tactics and the skill to execute them. French twats.

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