Week 35

Day 239 – Friday 2nd November 2018

Brightish morning, went for long walk to before resuming my Couch to 5k.

The actual session wasn’t too bad. My left leg didn’t feel the same as my right leg but I wasn’t in any pain. Going to have a 2 day rest before my next session.

After lunch we motored to the lovely seaside village of Salema.

The beach at Salema is fabulous – the far end

The beach by the village, lots of holiday homes here.

Stray cats soaking up the sun by the fishing boats

a proper car

Day 240 – Saturday 3rd November 2018

Beautiful morning. I went for an explore along the N125 to Budens then we motored into Lagos for lunch and a nose around.

No tourists here

This is probably why, Cabbage soup starter, yum yum.

Lagos marina

It was lovely walking about in the autumn sunshine, especially as the newspapers said the UK was bracing itself storm Oscar 😄

Day 241 – Sunday 4th November 2018

Lovely sunny start to the day but it soon clouded over and without the sunshine it is cold here. Really looking forward to Sunday lunch at Sunita’s Castle, it’s rated 4.8 on Google Maps.

Mixed Veg Madras, glad I didn’t order a Vindi!

Day 242 – Monday 5th November 2018

Mixed start to the day. Went for my Couch to 5K run. No problems, I think the two day rest between sessions is the way to go from now on.

I wonder why they’ve not invited the Germans

Later they had a yoga class at the campsite and Julie and I popped along. It was a bit tough and I struggled not to fart.

Our yoga instructor, Elsje. She told some Frog she didn’t speak much French then did the whole lesson in it!

Julie has much room for improvement, her Plank looks an awful lot like her Downward Dog!

After lunch we popped into Luz.

It’s November and there is still a queue for ice cream 😀

I’d seen this obelisk above the town and I decided today I’d get up there.

It looks a long way off but it only took 20 minutes to get there.

absolutely no idea why it’s here.

Back at the camp I had a game of petanque with my new bestie Colin against Juan Carlos & Marco.

It was close for a while…

but we eventually won 2-0

Day 243 – Tuesday 6th November 2018

Nice start to the day

A bit of excitement on camp in a France v Holland right of way issue.

There was archery on in the afternoon so I popped along for a go. It turned out I was pretty good… from 10m!

Robin Hood!

or maybe William Tell

Because I made it look easy Julie thought she’d have a go…

Everyone run for cover!

Day 244 – Wednesday 7th November 2018

Overcast start to the day and it didn’t brighten up until after lunch. When it’s cold here the WiFi speeds plumet. It’s the same in the evening, I get terrible speeds until 10:30pm, when the old codgers go to bed, then it’s like lightening.

I thought I’d have a crack at this afternoon’s Ping-Pong session.

Julie tried her best

It being Diwali I had curry for my dinner

East meets North West – Balti & Chips

Day 245 – Thursday 8th November 2018

Very overcast morning. Did my Couch to 5k without any problems and had a butcher’s at next week’s schedule and it’s going to be quite a step up.

After a few minutes rest it was time for Yoga!

Not an international farting contest but if it was I would probably win!

I beginning to think yoga is a form of torture.

Later Julie came along to petanque. It was stuffed with Frogs and they were quite good. Think I need a lot more practice before next Monday.

Spot the boule

It’s been a very busy week and I’m a little shattered. Think I will start my weekend tomorrow and do fuck all till Monday.


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