Week 34

Day 232 – Friday 26th October 2018

Overcast morning and the forecast for today is heavy rain.

Cfor doesn’t look in the least concerned about the weather forecast

Julie at the AquaGym, far too happy-clappy for me

The sky cleared after lunch so I went exploring on Zippy

Went to the pretty little village of Burgau

Burgau is only a small place but it has 2 Indian restaurants. Always a sure sign a place in packed with Brits.

In the late afternoon the heavens did eventually open and it was all a little biblical for a while.

Normally after a downpour like that a campsite would have mud and puddles all over the place for days but half an hour after the this torrential  downpour there wasn’t a sign of it. These people really do know how to do a campsite.

Day 233 – Saturday 27th October 2018

Beautiful morning but very windy. After lunch I took Julie to Burgau.

the beach at Burgau

A bizarre mural in a bus stop in Burgau, what could the artist be saying about women and their underwear?

Watched a jazz band in the campsite’s bar

Day 234 – Sunday 28th October 2018

Very windy day. Had Sunday dinner at the Pig’s Head. The place was packed out with expats.

a Portuguese version of a vegetarian version of a Sunday roast

In the evening I went for a walk around the little village of Espiche. Like all Portuguese villages the centre is inincredibly tightly packed and a little run down

I think you’d be able to pick up a project for a couple of thou’ here.

If a property isn’t already done up it’s usually for sale

Day 235 – Monday 29th October 2018

Restarted my Couch to 5k this morning but the same muscle in my left leg was still painful. This time I didn’t try to run it off and I’ll give it another 4 days of rest and gentle exercise before trying again.

In the afternoon we went to Ponte da Piedade which is the headland south of Lagos (pronounced Lag shhh)

Beautiful scenery

This stretch of the coast is famous for its arches and caverns

There are rockfall warning signs all over the place. Keep a safe distance!

No cure for stupidity though

Think this little cove might be a contender for our New Year’s Day swim 😀

Day 236 – Tuesday 30th October 2018

It rained heavily during the night and the forecast for the rest of the day is for showers. It has to be said the weather on the Algarve has not been great, not what I hoped for but it’s been bad all over Europe with snow in Spain and floods in Italy.

After lunch we set off to find the Roman ruins of Luz.

There’s only about 10 square metres left, they built holiday villas over the rest and what is left is fenced off.

Great ice cream weather 😀

Day 237 – Wednesday 31st October 2018

Rained during the night and bucketed down most of the day.

Like being in Manchester!

Using the campsite’s wifi to download some boxsets; we watched Gordon, Gino & Fred’s Road Trip last night, which brought back memories of the roads on our trip to Italy and watched the Bake Off final today. Just like being at home 🙂 The next rainy day I am joining the gym.

Day 238 – Thursday 1st November 2018

Beautiful morning. We changed pitches to one that gets the morning sunlight.

After lunch we motored into Lagos for a nose about.

Blending in

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