Week 31

Day 211 – Friday 5th October 2018

A cracking morning in Yvrac. Travelled to Moliets-Plage just north of Biarritz. It was so hot when we arrived at Camping Le Saint Martin we had to put the aircon on; fabulous 😀

After the journey from Amsterdam we are going to spend a few days here doing nothing

Day 212 – Saturday 6th October 2018

Overcast day.

Had a walk on the beach

Day 213 – Sunday 7th October 2018

It didn’t half rain last night and it’s still raining today. In a brief lull I went out for my constitutional

The thing about walking on the beach is when it rains there is absolutely nowhere to take cover.

Day 214 – Monday 8th October 2018

A dry morning and we made the short journey to Biarritz. A bit of a pulaver getting onto an aire but we were on by lunchtime and we motored into town for a nose about.

Biarritz is not a very touristy town, there aren’t a lot of fridge magnets on sale. It’s a bit reserved but has a beautiful beach and is very nice for a stroll around.

Being on the Atlantic coast it is a bit of a surfing hotspot though

Day 215 – Tuesday 9th October 2018

Lovely morning in Biarritz. We crossed the border into Spain heading for San Sebastian.

La Concha, the stunning beach at San Sebastian

The island in the middle of the bay, Isla de Santa Clara,

They’ve put a giant figure of Jesus on a hill overlooking the bay

It was quite a walk up the hill…

Estatua del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus, with a TV aerial screwed to the base and dipole stuck to the back

We booked a free walking tour. The guide spoke great English but when he started calling things by their Basque names he completely lost me.

Pintxoak, which our Basque guide told us were nothing like tapas. Really.

They are stupidly popular though, our guide told us the average time to eat one, with a small glass of beer or wine, is 8 minutes. They get a lot more done in 8 minutes in Amsterdam!

Yep, San Sebastian is quite touristy

I told you…

they are taking over

Day 216 – Wednesday 10th October 2018

Good weather as we set of for Bilbao. I’d deselected toll roads on Doris which was a bit of a mistake because she led us on a merry dance through the Spanish mountains. The number of 30 ton articulated trucks using the little mountain roads is amazing frightening.

We made it to the site by lunchtime and headed into town by bus for a look about. Some people from the site told us everyone heads to the Guggenheim museum.

The view from Nelly

Bilbao itself is pretty much your standard Spanish city, noisy and dusty. It was now baking hot so we headed to the Guggenheim to see what the fuss was about.

It’s clad in titanium

a spider

a pile of chromium balls by Anish Kapoor.

the imaginatively named Puppy by Jeff Koons,is this really art

They wanted €20 for us to get in the Guggenheim and they didn’t allow photography. Rather than look at a load of splodges on canvas I had a much better idea for spending €20…

Pintxoak & drink

Julie really enjoyed hers

I thought the sangria was lovely…

the Spanish omelette was pretty good too but it really needed some HP

Day 217 – Thursday 11th October 2018

A breezy morning but not as bad as last night when Julie was worried the van would be blown down a hill. We set off for Santander. No mountain roads today, all toll free motorways, they were twisty enough.

Decided to take a ferry into Santander

Santander’s Botin Centre from the bay

It has to be said Santander is not a tourist hotspot.

Banco Santander

and they don’t do a lot of fridge magnets

but they are big on eating tapas and drinking wine.

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