Week 19

Day 127 – Friday 13th July 2018

Cfor is enjoying being home

A little excitement last night as the fire brigade turned up to put out a nonexistent wheelie bin fire!

More gardening at my house today, I know I am stuck in Reigate till Nelly’s exhaust is fixed but I hate my To Do List; this is how retirements dissipate.

Day 128 – Saturday 14th July 2018

Spent the morning trying to sort out a new battery for Julie’s Smart car. It’s not just a question of buying a battery and fitting it. No nothing that simple. The thing needs coding to the car so it has to go into a garage and the labour will probably be more than the battery.


In the afternoon I fitted a ridiculous light for Elizabeth then watched England get beaten by Belgium. Everyone going on about how promising England were but as I predicted after the Columbia game, the first decent side we come up against we will get beaten; the defence is useless and the attack ponderous.

Day 129 – Sunday 15th July 2018

Joy upon joy more To Do List this morning.

To Box Hill after lunch.

Zippy at Rykas Café

If you look very closely there is a plane coming into land at Heathrow

A deserved ice cream at the top

The Stepping Stones

Watched the World Cup final. The VAR isn’t exactly working well is it. France’s first goal came from a free kick won after Griesman clearly dived and France’s second was never a penalty.

It should have been Brazil

Today was a boiling hot and humid day and I am badly missing the aircon in Nelly.

This time last week we were in Poland. In the last 7 days we have driven halfway across Europe and I have hammered my To Do List, I think I need a few days holiday.

Day 130 – Monday 16th July 2018

Plumbing at my house this morning.

My house is all straight now and I can concentrate on getting ready for travelling again. Spent the afternoon stocking up Nelly.

Day 131 – Tuesday 17th July 2018

Finally got Julie’s car to a garage and managed to submit my passport renewal online.

Yet more plumbing at my house today

To Berwick to get an exhaust made for Nelly. Thought we’d stop off for a curry in Uckfield on the way. Uckfield is about 20 miles away down the A22 but Doris sent us via Brighton, along the A27 then back up north; a ridiculous route but beautiful countryside.

Nowt like a good curry

Spent the night on a garage forecourt in Berwick

Day 132 – Wednesday 18th July 2018

Took Zippy into Eastbourne while the Exhaust was being made.

Had my first breakfast since I retired, I’ve lost just over a stone on our travels so I think I deserve it.

The seafront at Eastbourne is beautiful

Clearly in Eastbourne a yellow mobility scooter with a few Union Jacks stuck on the handle bars is a bit of a fanny magnet


While Eastbourne seafront is beautiful it has to be said the town centre shopping area is a bit of a shithole.

Fridge magnets in Eastbourne town centre

You’d be a very brave man to wear one of these in Eastbourne

How old do you have to be to retire to Eastbourne?

The exhaust wasn’t cheap but having to be custom made it never was going to be.

Day 133 – Thursday 19th July 2018

Thankfully I’m getting to the end of my To Do List now.

The roof is filthy with sap from Pine & Lime trees.

Whatever happened to Bob-A-Job?

Off to Walsall on Saturday then on to Manchester and the Lake District. If the weather holds good I’ll have a crack at Scafell Pike.

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