Week 177

Friday 23rd July 2021 to Thursday 29th July 2021

The heatwave is over 😀

Had lunch on top of Reigate Hill

Then it started raining 🙁

We did manage one rain free day and had a trip to London on Zippy. Always good fun negotiating the traffic. The biggest danger is usually the fast food delivery riders with L plates on but this time our closest call was a bike rider wearing headphones who pulled out at speed from between two cars without looking at all 😮

The mound, what on earth were Westminster Council thinking?

After 7 days of going down the new COVID cases figures are beginning to creep up. Deaths are up 29% on a rolling 7 day average too but the really bad COVID news this week is having caught COVID at the Wembley Piers Morgan survived 🙁


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