Week 17

Day 113 – Friday 29th June 2018

Bright start to the day but my throat is still very bad. I went for an early morning walk along the beach. We’re here until my new SIM arrives and this is exactly what my retirement really needs, some genuine nothing-to-do-but-relax time.

they’ve got an awful lot of sand round here

Popped into both local villages; Miedzywodzie is a tourist hotspot where they sell little but tat and stodge.

as you’d expect the Polish do tat the Polish way and it is in a league of its own, truly dreadful

of course they do magnesy

In places it’s a little 3rd worldy

some shops are made from sterling board

The polish diet seems to consist of kebabs and carbs followed by waffles covered in spray cream and syrup.

the kids do love these gofry

Some eateries do have wegetariański dishes but the language is such that I’m buggered if I know what they actually are.

The other local village is Kotczewo and its only attractions are a petrol station and a stork’s nest on a pylon.

Had another long walk along the beach after lunch. It was blowing a bit of a gale.

I love the feel of the wind in my eyebrows

Day 114 – Saturday 30th June 2018

Last night was party night at Camping Tramp, the Poles do like their beer. It didn’t keep me awake though as I like my rosé just as much.

For the first time since Berlin I woke up without a really bad sore throat, this morning it’s just bad. Problem is Julie now has a really bad sore throat and aches all over.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a tide in the Baltic

I went for a stroll on the beach, it’ll be a day or two before I’m properly 100%

Polish cuisine, although I’m not too sure you can describe kebabs, sausages or some other barbecued meat with boiled spuds or chips and gravy as cuisine

Went into town to translate the menus at a couple of places that looked like I might be able to eat at. The wegetariański items on the menus turned out to be lettuce & cucumber and sauerkraut so just like in the Czech Republic & Germany it’s a Margarita pizza or nothing for me!

Two big games in the world Cup today; France v Argentina & Uruguay v Portugal. Uruguay really are a vile team. I thought the VAR panel were going to retrospectively punish simulation in which case Luis Suarez  would never play again. Why the Ref didn’t card the diving & head-holding little twat himself is beyond me.

There are some birds nesting at the camp bar and they’ve got a cracking view of the telly.

Has Bill Oddie taken over this blog?

Day 115 – Sunday 1st July 2018

It was party time a Camping Tramp again last night until 2.30am. Julie’s not happy and I don’t blame her. It’s not as if the Poles don’t drink enough during the day.

not exactly a super yacht but it looks good fun

Had a lovely stroll along the beach this morning. Still not 100% though.

The site is very full now. There are no pitches as such you just setup where ever you can find some room. If a site got this full in the south of France you’d have rioting but the Poles are very relaxed about everything and as long as they have room for a barbecue and a table and chairs to drink their beer at they are perfectly happy.

a bit like the Jungle in Calais but with beer, barbecues and a few jet skis

easily the most stylish van on the site

It had to be done, a dip in the Baltic.

Julie was too ill to record the moment but I can confirm it was bloody cold

Beer & chips watching the Russia Spain game; Spain were robbed when the VAR panel bottled an extra time stone cold penalty against the Russians. Though I imagine the panel were a little concerned about getting out of the country alive. Judging by the cheers when Russia won the penalty shootout there’s a lot of Russian support from the Poles in the camp.

I’m reliably informed my new SIM has arrived and will be posted on to me tomorrow so in a few days we should be able to leave. After a little umming and ahhing we’ve decided to give Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia a miss and take a ferry to Sweden.

Day 116 – Monday 2nd July 2018

Beautiful sunny and windy day. After all the noise in the bar last night it’s no surprise the birds down at the bar have fledged.

Good luck

Went for a long walk along the beach.

much better than working for a living

Julie is not much better today and I still have a lot of phlegm.

Watched the Brazil v Mexico match with a cold lager after lunch. This is easily the best lager I’ve had so far.

I won’t go all David Blaikie, suffice to say it slips down easily and makes you wobble a bit 10/10

The Royal Mail says my new SIM card is at Heathrow

Day 117 – Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Beautiful morning, my throat is getting a lot better but Julie’s throat is still very sore.

not my handy work, I haven’t regressed that much… yet

Went for my constitutional along the beach, checked the Royal mail website -my new SIM is still at Heathrow then sat around in the shade all day reading.

Day 118 – Wednesday 4th July 2018

Overcast day, had my walk along the beach but think I overdid it.

I checked the Royal Mail website and my new SIM has been handed to their partners GLS. Their tracking says it is leaving the country.

Last night I watched the England Columbia game at the bar.

all kicking off in the England Columbia game

From the number plates around the camp the only nationalities here are Poles, Germans & a few Czechs but the whole place erupted when Columbia equalised in injury time. I said the cheering German next to us, “And you lot wonder why we want to leave the EU.”

I think the photographer had been drinking when he took this snap

Of course when we won the penalty shoot out I was the only one cheering. I loved it. Poland out, Germany out, the Czechs not even qualifying and England still rolling along. As I was leaving the bar I commented rather loudly that I’d didn’t know there were so many fuckin’ Colombians in the camp.

Day 119 – Thursday 5th July 2018

Beautiful morning, had my walk along the beach. Checked on my new SIM card… it’s still leaving the country!

Both of us have been ill this week; whatever I caught in Prague or Berlin was proper nasty but we are on the mend and looking forward to getting to Sweden but realistically if it hasn’t even left the UK after 3 days that’s not going to be this week.

To the beach in the afternoon to work on me tan.

after announcing her split from Liam earlier this week Cheryl is here hiding from the paparazzi

She really is struggling to get rid of that baby weight isn’t she.

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