Week 138

Friday 23rd October 2020 to Thursday 29th October 2020

Another relaxing week on the Algarve.

This week I’ve taken my butties down to the sea a few times to look out for dolphins but no luck yet

I also had a walk to Burgau

Without any breeze it was boiling hot but it’d take more than a touch of heat stroke to keep me away from a good toastie with a plate of chips and a cold lager 😀

When it come to Haute Cuisine Portugal like a lot of Europe is years behind the UK, they just don’t understand the symbiotic relationship between salt & vinegar and deep fried potatoes

There was a huge Concorde Centurion left the site this week. They start at around €500,000!

That’s an adult not a child stood at the back

Tucked away in the boot…

an Abarth 500!



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