Week 137

Friday 16th October 2020 to Thursday 22nd October 2020

A nice relaxing week on the Algarve

It’s been lovely and sunny πŸ˜€

Apart from Tuesday when storm Barbara rolled in πŸ™

The morning started off breezy, too breezy to take the Thule residence down which wasn’t great as the forecast winds speed were between 65 kph & 132 kph depending on whose weather app you looked at.

Not wanting to have the whole thing blown away we thought it best to get as much gear as possible back into the van then open all the doors & vents so the wind could blow through the residence rather than blowing it way.

It didn’t half rain too

In the end the wind speed didn’t get much more than 40 kph so everything was fine

Still doing my morning run and afternoon gym session πŸ˜€

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