Week 136

Friday 9th October 2020 to Thursday 15th October 2020

Friday morning we set off for Bordeaux and tonight we’re stopping in the grounds of a little family run vinyard, Vignobles Pestoury, before tackling Spain. So far we’ve seen next to no motorhomes on our journey south.

it’s not cold down here but you know it’s autumn

I do like a nice neat Plane tree lined road

It goes without saying Cfor loves la terroir here in Bordeaux

From Bordeaux it was on to Spain. I’m not a big fan of Spain, everything is a bit slapdash and nothing really works like it should. The Spanish are also unnecessarily loud and for a vegetarian like myself it’s next to impossible to get anything decent to eat here; they also torture animals for entertainment so we are never really going to get on.

The middle of Spain is bleak

livened up only by the odd Osborne bull

Through the middle of Spain is a long old drive, took us about 13 hours split over two days.

first mention of Portugal

We landed at Turiscampo on Monday and the weather is just fabulous 😀

the praia at Praia da Luz

pleased to find Yellitoh is still here 😀

We arrived 3 days early so had to wait for our pitch to become free to set everything up.

a few crates of beans always comes in useful

home for the next 6 months 😀

A while back I was wounded when Julie casually said, “You look slim from behind.”  Really! 🙁  I’ve started having a run every morning and I’ve joined the onsite gym so I’m a little knackered but hopefully I am on my way back to being 12st something.

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