Week 133

Friday 18th September 2020 to Thursday 24th September 2020

To Walsall so Julie can see her Mum then on to Much Wenlock for a few days.

The weather wasn’t great in Shropshire and the Sytches campsite was a touch basic

but Cfor was soon settled in

Much Wenlock town centre is a beautiful slice of old England, the kind of place where old maids probably still bicycle to evensong.

Much Wenlock

We hopped on Zippy to visit Ironbridge.

Built in 1781 across the river Seven it was the first major bridge made of cast iron

But the Iron Bridge is not the most interesting thing in Ironbridge…

On open sale in the local Teddy bear shop, these would cause a riot in most English towns!

We got absolutely piss wet through on the way back to Nelly; that’s the problem with going any where in England, you just can’t rely on the weather.

We fitted in a trip to Shrewsbury, where Julie was born…

It’s also where Charles Darwin was born, they’ve stuck this statue of him outside the town hall

While the town centre itself is blighted with traffic we had a lovely walk along the river Seven which near encircles the town

I’m sure Charles Darwin would rather overlook the Seven than the traffic on the A5191

There are two old bridges into the town

The Welsh Bridge


the English Bridge

It soon began to spit so fearing another soaking we headed off back to camp and then back to Reigate.

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