Week 131

Friday 4th September 2020 to Thursday 10th September 2020

A grind of a week. The excitement never starts as I get stuck into cleaning the van…

This is what nearly a year of parking under pine trees does to a roof

I broke the rooflight on Nelly trying to open it so I could clean it 🙁  If I could ever find a replacement it would cost an absolute arm and a leg so I have to fix the old one and it’s going to involve bending perspex.

Donating blood is actually far more fun than washing a motorhome…

It only takes me 10 mins to fill a bag and afterwards I get to eat as many bags of crisps & biscuits as I want 😀

One bright note I finally found a garage to put two new tyres on Nelly

WTF is so difficult about that Halfords?

I’m bored now; bored of being at home and bored of this fuckin’ virus.

I can’t believe the absolute nonsense that comes out of this government on a daily basis, they truly are a ship of fools.

While Boris is head buffoon he is closely followed by Matt Hancock who looks more and more out of his depth with his every gibbering utterance.  I think he’d struggle as an Assistant Manager at a small B&Q store. If we ever do have a COVID inquiry one of the first questions that needs to be answered is why Hancock wasn’t sacked in April.

As for Boris’ new Rule of 6 it’s just complete and utter bollocks; most of these new infections are either young people up north or Muslims; young people have never socially distanced and they never will as they know they’e unlikely to ever actually get ill with it and a lot of Muslims don’t seem to give a shit.

Why we don’t just shield the vulnerable and let this virus rip is beyond me; go for Herd Immunity and be done with it. Otherwise we’ll be stuck in this ridiculous limbo for years and years.

I just hope France doesn’t bar travellers from the UK before we set off back to Portugal next month.

I cant wait!

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