Week 128

Friday 14th August 2020 to Thursday 20th August 2020

the very first carrot off the allotment! 😀

I have a week of appointments, first up a gastropathy for my Barrett’s oesophagus which is where the oesophagus, the pipe all your food goes down, doesn’t get properly closed off by the diaphragm causing cells in the gullet to change as they are washed over by stomach acid. It’s an unpleasant inspection with something the size of a double barrelled shotgun pushed down your throat. Fortunately they give you the option of being knocked out.

Turns out I now also have a Hiatus Hernia down there which may cause bad breath & burping. Really? I think I must have had that for a while 😀

A mural has sprung up near Reigate train station…

Teachers!!! Exactly what have they done in this pandemic except sit at home refusing to work?

Wednesday, it’s absolutely pissing down. This time last week it was so humid we were prying for rain now everywhere is waterlogged. Pity any poor fuckers on a staycations.

Next up an MOT for Nelly. I’ve only done 5,000 miles so there really shouldn’t be any problems…

Brilliant, it failed on uneven front brakes and a blown headlight bulb. The brake caliper was seized, a replacement one was £400 so they spent a couple of hours un-seizing it and rebuilding it. The failed headlamp was actually a rotten wiring harness. The total bill was £366 including a new set of pads & the MOT itself so I got off lightly.

Cfor making himself at home

Finally to the dentist where after my abscess I thought they’d want to do some route canal work but surprise surprise they tell me they can’t use the high speed drill or the low speed drill without donning a spacesuit and then once they’ve finished the treatment evacuating the room for an hour while all the aerosol generated settles down. They can still use their card machine though; £115 for checkup, a couple x-rays and a 10 minute scrape. In and out in under 25 minutes.


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