Week 115

Friday 15th May 2020 to Thursday 21st May 2020

Into week 9 of the lockdown and the weather was cracking again so there wasn’t much of a lockdown at all and with the death rate falling people packed the beaches and beauty spots completely ignoring any social distancing advice.

the pond in Priory Park

I’ve never stayed home during this pandemic. I’ve either been down the allotment or out and about in the countryside. I couldn’t sit in a house for a day let alone 60 days but I’ve always maintained a 2m gap between me and everyone else. Around a town like Reigate that’s not too hard to do at all. But from what I’ve seen while I’ve been out and about a lot of young people have never complied with social distancing advice probably because they’ve been told they are highly unlikely to become ill with the virus let alone die of it 😮

All this beach cramming can’t be blamed on Boris easing the rules in England ever so slightly last week as exactly the same thing has been happening north of the border.

The Blame Game when all this is over will be interesting; a lot of people and the media want to blame the government for absolutely everything but if they want to know why people are still getting infected by this virus and the R ain’t falling that much they should look at the public’s behaviour.

these women are following their own 2m rule, all 4 of them within a 2m circle 😮

Had to do some weeding on me allotment; tedious work. How come nothing eats bloody weeds while everything eats veg?

This was a healthy turnip plant a few days ago now it’s been completely ravaged by something

Everything in nature is hungry; the slugs, the snails, the grubs, the caterpillars, larva, the birds, the rabbits, the deer, the fucking everything. They are all starving and they will eat everything except weeds!

Although it’s hard to know when the wee Krankie woman will officially open up Scotland I have decided I best be ready to get there and to get up Ben Nevis fairly fast. Absolutely no chance of getting there before the midge season starts in June though 🙁

Ben Nevis is 1345m high

from the Stepping Stones on the Mole…

to the viewing point at the top Box Hill is a climb of 135m

So 10 repetitions should replicate walking up Ben Nevis.

On Sunday I did two repetitions without breaking sweat. Tuesday I did 5 and it was pretty tough but for someone living on a diet of too much wine & too many chips topped up with plenty of crisps, ice cream & biscuits I think I did pretty well 😀 Doing that once or twice a week should be great preparation for walking up Ben Nevis; if it doesn’t kill me.

spot the bunny


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