Week 114

Friday 8th May 2020 to Thursday 14th May 2020

I think this is the 8th week of the lockdown and it’s getting a bit boring now. I miss travelling and I miss Portugal.

Been out for a few walks….

the Inglis Memorial, built by Lieutenant Colonel Sir Robert William Inglis himself!

The weather has been good; it’s real spring now…

Star of Bethlehem

As promised Boris spoke to the nation on Sunday. I thought he was pretty clear on what he had in mind for easing out of the lockdown but the moment he’d finished the entire Brexit deranged mainstream media & every opposition MP claimed not to have understood a word he’d said; it really is getting fuckin’ tiresome isn’t it. Even with thousands of people dying every week these wankers are still playing politics.

Some advice for people who think a pandemic is a good time to play politics

Although we can now travel about in England with only supermarkets, pharmacies, golf courses & garden centres open there ain’t a lot to do. I’m itching to have a crack at Ben Nevis but who knows when the wee Krankie woman will open up Scotland.



















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