Week 109

Friday 3rd April 2020 to Thursday 9th April 2020

Into the 3rd week of the lockdown and Boris is now hiding in St Thomas’; I guess it’s a bit more comfortable than that fridge.

It takes more than a global pandemic to faze Cfor!

Joking aside things are getting very serious now. Without a vaccine it’s looking like everyone is going to have to get this virus and it sounds like it can be a particularly nasty experience even if you only get a fairly mild dose 🙁

I doubt I’m going back to Portugal until I have the antibodies; I don’t fancy dying on a trolley in a corridor of some half finished Portuguese hospital!

I can’t see life getting back to normal for a long time; once the new cases go down and restrictions are lifted then cases are bound to increase. Even when we have herd immunity and all the restrictions are lifted I can see the there being a worse recession than in 2008 because so many businesses will have just collapsed. NATS tweeted that air traffic was down 87%! In Germany Mercedes have announced they are shortly going to restart production but who the fuck is going to buying a car anytime soon?

The world is going to be very different place when this is all over. 

Personally I have been keeping busy down at my brother’s allotment. When I retired I never thought I’d morph into Percy bloody Thrower but it’s far better than watching repeats of Loose Women.

Some good news; I’ve been keeping track and we are only using two toilet rolls a week so we’ll be okay ’till Christmas 😀

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