Week 108

Friday 27th March 2020 to Thursday 2nd April 2020

Only Boris Johnson could put the whole country on lockdown on a Monday, spend all week telling people to isolate themselves then come down with the Corona virus on the Friday!

It’s been a tough week down on the allotment…

Never mind the chair look at the bloody weeds!!!

… but at least it keeps me away from the 24 hour news industry which is once again engaged in a wilful campaign to throw as much sensationalism and fabrication into an already frightening situation. You’d think in any time of crisis the government would just section Piers Morgan and be done with it.

Parts of the allotment were so heavily weeded I had to take the top inch of soil off with a spade before I could dig it over. It’s been back breaking work but luckily the weather has been fantastic for March so at least I haven’t got piss wet through in the process.

this quarter is coming along nicely 😀

With half the allotment under control next week I’m hoping to plant out some onions sets & seed spuds along with weeding and double digging the 3rd quarter. It’s going to more hard work but it’ll be a lot healthier than listening to ravings of the news media.

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