Week 106

Friday 13th March 2020 to Thursday 19th March 2020

Spring in Priory Park … all is well with the world….

Is it fuck.

We all wondered what the 24 hour news cycle would report on once Brexit was over and now we know, it’s the Coronavirus! And it’s far worse than Brexit could ever be.

this soon went out of the window

Stoked up by Piers Morgan and other self appointed experts in the media the country has gone mad for toilet rolls and anything in a tin…

You know things are really bad when people are prepared to eat fresh fruit & veg! 

I had a gastroscopy appointment at the local hospital – they stick something that resembles a shotgun down your throat, take a few pictures and tissue samples from your oesophagus – it’s not a pleasant experience.

The nurse asked me had I recently returned from abroad. When I told her I’d just returned from Portugal, Spain & France she put on a visor and said I needed to self isolate.

Personally I think you are more likely to be infected if you’ve been brawling over bogroll in the aisles of Tesco than driving through France & Spain but commonsense seems to be in short supply nowadays.

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